Sam Boraie Is Shaping Up the Lives of People in New Jersey

Posted by Wiscy on April 14, 2017

The United States is one of the most economically advanced countries in the world. It owes its reputation to millions of citizens who work day in day out to ensure the economy continues to thrive. One of these people is Sam Boraie, the son of an Egyptian education immigrant who came to the United States to study but decided to stay.

According to NY Times, Sam and his father have played an integral role in the real estate industry, especially in New Brunswick. His father is among the daring investors who transformed the town into a modern urban center. The town is now a thriving business hub and a home to people from all walks of life.

In a report by PRNewsWire, Sam is currently the managing director of Boraie Development LLC, a multi-million dollar real estate company operating in New Jersey.  It owns the Aspire, a 238-unit residential building located near New Brunswick Train Station. The building is constructed on 10,000 square feet of land and features sundeck rooftops, a great hospital system and secure parking facility. The company is also behind the construction and management of the Albany Street Plaza.

In Newark, the company has renovated a residential building worth $2 billion. The building, which was the first high-rise apartment in Newark, has 169 rental units and sits on an 8,500 square feet of retail space. The company spent more than $60 million to renovate it.

The company is also undertaking new projects in various cities. The ongoing projects include a 324-unit condominium in Milltown and a 250-unit residential building in Atlantic City.

Apart from real estate, Sam Boraie has dedicated some his time to charity. He sits on the board of trustees of the State Theatre,, a nonprofit organization that uses talents and skills to create a positive impact in the society. The organization gives people from all walks of life a chance to showcase their talents through productions and performances every year. Using his powers as a board member, Sam ensures that the organization performs up to its expectations. He is involved in the short and long-term planning and also ensures the organization has enough funds to run its activities. Most of the funding comes from Sam, his family and the Boraie Development LLC.

Sam is also involved with Elijah’s Promise, another philanthropic organization that aims to instill joy and happiness in people through food. The organization brings people from different cultural backgrounds together and gives them a platform to share and rejoice with one another. It also aims to eradicate the cycle of poverty that is prevalent in New Jersey and neighboring states. The company’s top goals include eradicating hunger, providing healthy foods, encouraging entrepreneurship and preaching peace and harmony. Sam, who sits on the board, is highly involved in planning for the future events. He also funds some of the organization’s activities.

The society could be a better place if all people were compassionate and hardworking like Sam Boraie.

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