Boraie Development LLC, The Future of Real Estate

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Boraie Development LLC was founded back in 1986 by one Omar Boraie who always had a vision for New Brunswick for as long as he could remember. And staying true to his word, Mr. Boraie has revolutionized New Brunswick. But despite an estimated annual income of almost $10 million and a staff of 35 skilled personnel, Boraie Development LLC is still showing no signs of stopping which is always a good thing if you ask me.

His company has got some of the best construction machines at their clients’ service. And since they are of German origin, expect nothing short of active duty as they are not only easy to operate, but one can do so affordable. And even if you aren’t around the head office which is situated in New Brunswick, you can have a go at their official website where you’ll find their email and phone number.

According to NY Times, Boraie Development LLC is all about an array of services as far as the urban real estate market is concerned. And the fact that they are so good and at the same time offer their services affordably makes it’s shrewd to work with them. The company will assist you in all aspects of development including property management, real estate development as well as marketing and sales.

And all you need to do is making contact with them, and everything will most certainly work out in your favor. As such, it is important contacting Boraie Development LLC for all your construction needs. They also have links with some of the most stable, most reputable financial institutions that will see to it that you don’t have problems or financial setbacks as you embark on your projects.

In a report by NJ Biz, they use their impressive 30-year track record to make sure that they are getting loans from these giant financial institutions on behalf of their clients – which makes them very reliable in the process. So even if you have a vision and still don’t have all the required capital, you should still contact Boraie Development LLC because they have a much better chance of bringing your dream into reality. Visit State Theatre New Jersey for more.

They also have some of the best architects who will most certainly be at your service, bringing your dreams into reality. They have some agents at your disposal who will most certainly help you out in developmental matters as well as coming up with the perfect urban investment strategy.

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Securus Technologies Making Officers Jobs a Little Easier

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Working inside a dangerous and crowded prison is not for the timid. When I put on my uniform each day, I realize that I am going to be right in the line of fire with inmates who are looking for ways to lash out at authority. These inmates are looking for ways to strike back at those who put them in jail, and many time me and my fellow officers have to take that hit. To try and make things safer for everyone in the jail, my team has developed a few ways keep some degree of order.


Each day, my team assembles and we head over to the visitor center to start maintaining some order. If we did not put up a huge front in that location, the inmates would be in the best position to get drugs and contraband with little effort from family or friends. To stop the flow of these items. we start by warning all guests that they can not bring anything into the prison or they face jail time themselves. We search them, we run them through scanners, and we do the same for the inmates.


While we used to pay a considerable amount of time and effort listening to the inmates as they use the jail phones, thanks to Securus Technologies our job in that area has gotten easier. Securus Technologies is responsible for making inmate call monitoring systems that will use software to scan all the calls and alert officers if any chatter about contraband is detected. Instead of us using man power to sit and listen to calls, we can now do things like cell inspections and beef up efforts in other areas.


Securus Technologies is already in thousands of different jails, and the company objective is to make certain the world becomes a safer place for all to live.


USHEALTH Enjoys Turnaround Thanks to New Executive Troy McQuagge

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One Planet Awards is a respected organization that gives recognition to outstanding performers in the world of business. They offer awards based on nominated individuals at non-profit, for-profit, small, and large companies.

They focus on PR, Marketing, and Executives. They look globally in all industries to see who to award them to. Therefore, when you’re given such as prestigious award, you know you’re doing something right. Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards

Troy McQuagge was recently named the gold winner of the CEO of the year for his achievements in his company USHEALTH. The company was previously struggling to fulfill their mission.

As a holding company out of Texas, they wanted to have high profits and serve customers well by using the talent of their team to sell insurance products. However, this is an industry that is known to be very competitive. They were on a downward spiral until 2010 when McQuagge came on board.

He started by turning around their captive distribution division USHEALTH Advisors. Thanks to his ability to motivate sales teams and create products that maximize profits, he was promoted to the role of CEO and President in 2014. Since then, the company has seen profits and growth that they have never enjoyed before.

McQuagge boasts over 30 years of experience in the insurance sales industry. Most of his jobs have been in sales for Allstate in 1983, followed by UICI in 1995, and finally at USHEALTH. It is this unique knowledge and unmatched experience that allows him to lead teams and grow sales with ease.

He has always been entrepreneurial and an executive from a young age. He hails from Panama City, Florida. He received his education at the University of Central Florida before moving into insurance.

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Jeremy Goldstein Tips of Successfully Keeping your Company’s Stock Options at the Top

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In the past few years, in a bid to save money, co-operatives have been terminating the act of providing its employees stock options. Besides saving money, the reasons of the corporations usually have other different complex reasons for terminating the process. This act of giving employees stock options, just like any other choice, has its consequences.


Not giving stocks to employees may turn out to be disadvantageous in that the value of the stock might drastically drop at any given time. In this situation, the employees will have a difficult time trying to exercise their options, which often leads to losses. Furthermore, the options might bring about accounting issues that are at times tricky to solve. Relevant budgeting and costs might overshadow the profits of the derivatives which is normally looked down upon by staff members as being less valuable.


Advantages of giving out stock options to employees are that acquisition of stock options by employees enhances the betterment of additional wages, equities and insurance cover. The staff members easily understand the stock options when the same value of the options is provided to all employees. In addition, stock options provided by the company to its employees can boost the company’ s profit if the stock options are made a priority of the employees. Some Internal Revenue Service makes it an uphill task to supply employees with their equities. A company should, therefore, develop compensation packages for its topmost executives.


The advantages that come with giving stocks to employees seem to outweigh the disadvantages. It is in fact, not recommended to ignore the advantages and just focus the disadvantages. It is the duty of the company to develop strategies and techniques to embrace the knockout stock options with time limits. The right strategies should reduce the excessive costs and minimize an overhang of initial and ongoing financial expenditure. Jeremy Goldstein, an expert in this field offers legal advice to business -related issues.


Jeremy Goldstein, a partner at the Jeremy L Goldstein and associates, went to New York University School of Law where he acquired a J. D. At University of Chicago, he obtained a master in B. A cum laude. His company focuses on offering professional advice to CEOs, Companies and managing teams Jeremy Goldstein has over 15 years experience as a business lawyer.


He has established his own law firm which is based in the New York. He has successfully made transactions from major organizations like Bank One, Chevron, Duke Energy and Veviron.



Kim Dao Reviews hydration mask and serum

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Vlogging sensation Kim Dao is known for her top rated Japanese product lists. She recently stopped at her local drug store and picked up some of the most popular Japanese beauty products and she tried them out to leave an honest opinion. One of the products that Kim Dao tested is the Lululun Balance Moisture Masks. These masks are some of Kim Dao’s favorite face masks. These are some of the most popular face masks in Japan. The packaging is pink and the text is written in a soft aqua blue hue. These masks can be found at drug and convenient stores. These masks are fabulous for moisturizing tired and dry skin. Each mask contains hyaluronic acid and soybean extract. These ultra-hydrating masks fit quiet well and are very easy to use. You just open the packet, take out a mask and lay it on your face. Each mask contains a large amount of moisture and if you squeeze the excess out when you are done you will be surprised how much is still left in each mask. Another product that Kim Dao reviewed is by Kose and is the travel sized sekkisei emulsion lotion. It comes in smaller travel size and larger sizes and is in a blue bottle. This lotion helps prevent the appearance of freckles and dehydration. It is quick absorbing and is a light weight moisturizer that contains vitamin C which helps reduce aging spots. Skin does feel slightly sticky after using. It has won many awards. This is a slightly more expensive skin care product but because it is available in travel size at a fraction of the cost it makes it easy for consumers to try it before they invest in a pricey large bottle. More top rated Japanese beauty products can be viewed here.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Advice for Investing in Brazil

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Since 2014, the entire world is looking towards Brazil whether it was Football World Cup or Olympic Games in 2016. Brazil’s economic climate is the center of attention nowadays. It is the world’s eighth largest economy due to agriculture production, natural resources, and growing middle class.

However, it requires the right economic policies and people are expecting a lot from the Finance Minister Joaquin Levy. Despite some problems, Brazil is a great attraction for foreign investors. It is the largest country in South America with a population of two-hundred million people.

It is a top food supplier of the world and has countless natural resources. According to top Brazilian banker Igor Cornelsen, the country has lots of opportunities for the investors. He gave three tips which could help foreign investors. Read more: Igor Cornelsen fala sobre os bancos brasileiros e o que fazer antes de investor

The first thing is to connect with the natives. Networking and relationships make a huge difference. The second thing is to be prepared for the red tape. The third thing is to be aware of foreign currency restrictions.

Igor Cornelsen is a retired Brazilian banker and investor. He is considered the biggest expert of foreign exchange and commodity investment. Currently, he is involved in the stock market investment of Bainbridge Group.

Igor Cornelsen rose to fame due to his contribution in the banking sector of Brazil. He has worked as the head of country’s biggest banks where he was dealing with the major percentage of nation’s gross economy.

Nowadays, he lives in South Florida where he loves to play golf after his retirement. Florida has the best and biggest golf course in the entire world, and Igor Cornelsen is deeply involved in investment markets from there. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

Both investment organizations and banking industry hire him as a consultant from time to time. He has a vast experience of working in several financial institutions during his career.

The reason why Igor Cornelsen chose Bainbridge Group Inc. for his work in the stock market is that the firm is an expert of investing in foreign exchange and commodities. According to him, the company is trustworthy for insight and expert advice on investment. Igor Cornelson is considered one of the best experts in the volatile stock market.

Securus Technologies Leads the Corrections Industry under Rick Smith

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Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a renowned provider of technologies presently used in society protection. Corrections organizations and public safety organizations continue to request the able services of Securus Technologies to investigate and protect solutions. Presently, Securus Technologies dedicates itself to both criminal and civil justice technology, focusing on preventing and solving crimes including crimes committed by incarcerated inmates. The company has immensely grown under the leadership of Rick Smith.

Securus and JPay Team Up

JPay is a leading tech company that pioneered electronic payments, email, and various educational and entertainment related applications to the corrections space. The use of these techs enhances the ability of correctional agencies to reduce waste, reduce recidivism, and stop crime. In 2002, JPay was founded as a payments company. Later, this fully licensed money transmitter evolved to incorporate a digital platform that combines kiosks, inmate cloud, and tablets. The digital platform allows inmates to access music, email, games, education, shopping, and books. Securus Technologies acquired JPay Inc in 2015

Securus Technologies Letters and Emails

Research shows that reporters have been in a position to produce blogs and allocate emails. The emails are all about hope and ensuring incarceration is a better and safer alternative to letting people create terrifying situations and commit crimes. According to the CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies Rick Smith, product and service development proposals are released once per week to help corrections agencies and law enforcement prevent and solve crimes. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies receives thousands of emails and letters from customers appreciating the commitment of the company in providing adequate services including helping keep the society safer.

About Rick Smith

From 1972 to 1998, Rick worked with Global Crossing. He served in several positions including Chief Information Officer and Controller Information Officer. He later became president of Frontier Information Technologies and vice president for Midwest Telephone Operations. He was the Chief Financial Officer from 1998 to 2000 for Eschelon Telecom, Inc and later became the president and CEO from 2000 to 2003. While heading Eschelon, the revenues of the company grew from $30-$50 million. Eschelon realized a successful IPO in 2005. Rick Smith stayed with Eschelon until 2007.Rick Smith has held the position of CEO at Securus Technologies since 2008. Thanks to his dedicated efforts, the company has had a great impact on the corrections industry. He has worked in information technology, operations, and finance among other critical business areas. This has equipped him with the expertise and knowledge to run Securus. Rick Smith has excellent leadership skills. Rick enrolled at Rochester Institute of Technology where he acquired his Associate’s Degree. His Engineering Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s in Engineering are from the State University of New York.

How Brown Modelling Agency Is Putting Texas On The Map For Fashion

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As popular fashion blog Man Repeller noted in July of 2017 the fashion industry is changing quite a bit. One of the changes that recently rocked the industry was the announcement that the famous French boutique Collette would be closing. The announcement sent shockwaves throughout the industry and it came in tandem with a very public shakeup at British Vogue that resulted in a former British Vogue employee giving an honest interview about the state of the fashion industry in general.

These changes are just the most recent for the fashion world. The ecosystem of fashion depended quite heavily on fashion media which has been turned on its head by the introduction of technology and social media. Once upon a time fashion magazines were like the oracles of the fashion industry. Senior editors and fashion journalists helped to interpret fashion trends for members of the general public. They were elevated as the arbiters of what was considered to be stylish and what was not. They could make a designer’s career by putting their clothing on the covers of magazines that millions of people read religiously and voraciously. But due to the unexpected specter of the internet that role changed dramatically. Fashion bloggers and Instagram stars are now the ones that much of the public looks to to tell them what’s in and what’s out. Even so, no matter how much fashion changes the industry will always need capable fashion agencies like the Texas-based Brown Agency to help discover, cultivate and manage the best modelling talent.

Texas is known for many things: its penchant for large hats and treating college football with a level of zeal that might feel almost religious to outsiders. But Texas is more than college football championships or cowboy hats, it’s also got a fashion industry that is growing right under the country’s radar.

Many people might think that cities like Los Angeles or New York City have a monopoly on being the places where willowy models that resemble industry stalwarts like Naomi Campbell or Linda Evangelista should flock to if they ever want to be on the cover of a magazine or work with a large consumer brand. While that might be the conventional wisdom it is not necessarily always true. Texas is home to large, exciting cosmopolitan Southern cities like Dallas and Austin that have the potential to be a hotbed for some of the country’s most exciting modeling and acting talent. The Brown Agency, founded by its Chief Executive Officer and president Justin Brown, is Austin’s only full-service agency. It has connected its signees with companies like Toyota, Louis Vuitton and L’Oréal. The agency equips its talent for success by preparing them to put their best foot forward and bringing them to the attention of major brands.



Doe Deere- article recap

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Starting a new business is an exciting endeavor, but can take a lot of hard work. Running a business in the internet age is also much different than running a business in past decades. Entrepreneurs such as Doe Deere of Lime Crime cosmetics have thrived in today’s business market. Deere runs a completely web based cosmetic line, and has enjoyed success with her quirky brand while inspiring others to do the same.


Deere has enjoyed growing success since starting her business in 2004. She’s carved out a unique niche by providing bold and cruelty free cosmetic, nail polish and hair colors. She isn’t just an entrepreneur, but a brand ambassador who uses and rocks her products to inspire her followers to pursue their own unique look. Like other entrepreneurs of her age, she stays close to her audience and her products. Lime Crime’s website is fun, bold, and creates rapport with visitors immediately while promoting their values and products. Her business grew out of her passion, which is clearly seen in the company’s values and mission. Fortunately her passion for bold and unique colors is shared by a growing cult following, which has led to increasing success for Lime Crime. Learn more:


Forming a new business is hard and requires a lot of determination, but entrepreneurs like Deere landed on success by sticking with it and responding to market trends. After starting with an ebay store in 2004, Lime Crime developed into a brand over the years. While Deere’s web based business has had it’s ups and downs, Deere has enjoyed the immediate feedback that a web-based presence allows for. She hopes to inspire both customers and other entrepreneurs with her unique style and commitment to the company’s ideals.


Lime Crime is proudly certified by PETA and the Leaping Bunny Foundation for their vegan and cruelty free products. They want to revolutionize makeup with their cruelty free process and their bold colors marketed to the bold at heart. Deere found a discouraging lack of daring colors to express herself, which is why she started her own line back in 2004. The intense colors are meant to inspire a rebellion from the norm. While Lime Crime has quite a range of products including lipsticks, nail art, hair dyes and eye shadows, Deere is excited to add more products to the line in the near future. Learn more:

Andrew Rocklage – Highly Successful Entrepreneur in Boston

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Andrew Rocklage is a well-known personality in the business circle of Boston and is popular for being the owner of the indoor trampoline park by the name of Sky Zone Trampoline Park. It is a highly advanced and innovative indoor trampoline park, the like of which are very few in the country.

Andrew Rocklage is a highly qualified individual and has studied business management at the Isenberg School of Management and further pursued studies in law at Suffolk University Law School. However, whether it is a lawyer or a businessman, like of Andrew Rocklage cannot be stereotyped as he is a man with lots of creative ideas and knows how to manage his way to success through the odds.

Having grown up in Boston, Andrew understands the business scene of the region well and knows what the people are looking for. It has helped him to invest in the firms that have scope for growth in the future. One of the reasons behind the massive growth of Sky Zone Trampoline Park that was started by Andrew is the exemplary customer service it provided.

It ensured that the people have a great time at the park and all the grievances and clients queries are taken up on priority and quickly. The Sky Zone Trampoline Park also has a stream of incredibly talented young staff that are always there to help the customers.

Andrew Rocklage has designed the recruiting strategy of Sky Zone Trampoline Park, where each and every recruit gets a thorough screening as well as training before hitting the floor. It ensures only the most reliable and efficient customer services to the customers at all times.

Andrew Rocklage knows that in today’s competitive world, customer service plays a very important role in the success of the business and therefore, has a very strict customer service policy that keeps the customer service executives on their toes. In Boston region, there are no other trampoline parks that can match the features offered by those at Sky Zone, which has helped Andrew Rocklage’s property to gain tremendous popularity, especially among the youth.

The prices are also kept affordable to ensure that people are able to come frequently without having to worry about the budget. In the past, Andrew Rocklage has provided legal counselling services to the leading pharmaceutical firm, Epirus Biopharmaceuticals. He has an extensive experience in the corporate arena as well, which has polished his business skills.

Having worked with few of the corporate companies and being a professional lawyer himself have helped him get an edge over its competitors when it comes to business. It has helped Andrew Rocklage to know about the compliance law and other corporate laws around which he has to work with to make his business a success.