PRSA Launching Online Reputation Management Course

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The PR Society of America launched an eight-week certificate program aimed strengthening the credibility of management-level communicators.

PRSA says the program is designed to be “an introduction to the fundamentals, perspectives and standards comprising best practices for effective reputation management integration and fostering greater accountability.” The course will be taught solely online with instruction from top industry leaders who will offer real world examples in live interactive sessions.

The course was also designed with the help of Reputation Economy Advisers, including CEO Andrew Johndrow, co-founder and CEO; Loren-Christopher Schneid, co-founder and president, and Joan Walker, special adviser.

PRSA CEO Joseph Truncale said that PRSA is “is pleased to partner with Reputation Management Advisors to offer an innovative, online curriculum focused on enhancing reputation management across the communications profession.”

Some of the instructors will include MasterCard executive Jim Issokson,and Lisa Ryan, Senior Vice President of Heyman Associates. PRSA launched this program with the goal of increasing the skillset and knowledge of communications practitioners through exclusive instruction in the area of business strategy. The cost to enroll for PRSA members is $1,495, and for non-members is $1,795.

The course will run for eight sessions on Wednesdays from 3-4 p.m. EDT starting May 10.  PRSA believes it is important that today’s communicators meet the expectation for reputation management.

Arthur Becker: Newest Venture Named After Him

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The Real Deal reported some days ago about Arthur Becker’s new deal. Becker has been the silent investor behind major real estate projects. He has been a backer for Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern, just to name a few. Now he is putting his own name on a real estate project on 465 Washington Street in Tribeca with a projected selling price of $52.5 million.

This project will be a boutique and artsy building with interior designed by Paris Forino. Also, it’s located next two his studio office. In this real estate development, there will be one penthouse duplex and seven simplex apartments. The square footage will range from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet. Also, the prices will be $2,200 per square foot to $3,200 per square foot. And for the penthouse, the asking price will be between $5 million and $14 million.

Becker purchased 465 Washington in 2012 for $6.1 million from Peter Moore, a developer who was previously an architect. Other than that, it has been reported that Becker invested $550 million worth of projects within New York City, according to Real Capital Analytics, a research firm.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is the Madison Partners, LLC’s managing member. From 2012 to 2015, he was the CEO and Chairman of Zinio LLC. which is located in New York, New York, and this company is the biggest digital newsstand worldwide. His other previous roles include the following: CEO of NaviSite, a provider of Internet technology services, a senior advisor for Vera Wang fashion company for seven years, and he has been a private investor of real estate and technology since 2011 when NaviSite was sold to Time Warner. With his educational achievements, Becker graduated from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth in 1974 in business.

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The Bottled Water Industry is Changing with the Addition of Waiakea Water

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The bottled water industry the last couple of years has not gained a good reputation among consumers for being environmentally friendly. There are over 60 million plastic bottles that make their way into incinerators and landfills every day with over 22 billion each year. A number of plastic water bottles being disposed of in the US alone are six times more in 2004 than it was in 1997.

According to Global News Wire, Ryan Emmons is the founder of Waiakea water and his company is the prime example of what the industry can accomplish while being environmentally conscious. Not only has Waiakea water taken extra steps to be conscious of the environment, but to give back to the community too.

Every liter the company sells they donate 650 liters of clean water to communities in Africa who may not have access to clean sources of water.

Whole Foods has recently stepped onboard to start selling the innovative bottled water and to bring it to their consumers.

The company has even taken the initiative to ensure the packaging in sustainable and so is the manufacturing process. The company uses 33% renewable energy to operate and is the first premium bottled water to be certified as CarbonNeutral in the United States.

Waiakea water packaging is made using 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate which uses 85% less energy to be manufactured compared to other virgin and regular plastic bottles. This manufacturing process has reduced the carbon emissions from the company by up to 90% and the plastic is BPA free.

Waiakea water’s dedication to the environment and giving back to the community is a fine example to make in today’s age.

The bottled water industry has gained a bad reputation for being the villain in the fight to protect the environment and cut down on carbon emissions. This left a gaping hole in the industry to improve and Ryan Emmons took advantage of the opportunity.

“From the start, our goal was to change the bottled water industry from within, setting a positive example for the greater CPG industry as a whole.

Continued recognition for our environmental and philanthropic initiatives substantiates that we have a product that has the power to incite positive change,” Ryan Emmons said.

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Bruno Fagali: Getting Effective Legal Representation

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Dealing with a dispute, lawsuit or other legal matter can be a frustrating experience. That is why you need a reliable lawyer like Bruno Fagali to guide and advise you.

Some people try to handle their legal matters on their own. It is not advisable to do so, especially if you’re facing a serious legal situation. Lawyer are trained to advise and guide people in resolving their legal cases, and they have a good understanding of the applicable laws.

The simple fact is a lot of people don’t realize that a lawyer has gone through rigorous training and has passed the board exams. This means they know the law.

But that doesn’t mean you should just pick any lawyer you see out there. Do your home work and you’ll be able to choose a good lawyer to represent you.

Bruno Fagali has been in practice for many years and has a great reputation in the field. In fact, Bruno Fagali is considered to be one of the most reliable lawyers in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali focuses on Administrative Law, Urban Law, Compliance and Regulatory Law. His vast experience in the field enables him to quickly provide the essential guidance and advice his clients need. Large corporations, entrepreneurs and multinational organizations rely on his expertise to have their legal cases resolved.


How Evolution of Smooth Has Evolved In The Game of Oral Care

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Lip balms are some of the most popular little medicated devices in the world. This is a billion dollar industry on an annual basis since there are literally thousands of products and brands on the market today. For nearly a century, Chapstick has dominated the game followed by the other brands of Blistex and Burt’s Bees. Unfortunately, many of these products are only good for short term use since they’re loaded with chemical additives. These additives can dry out the mouth and lips with continuous use, which defeats the purpose. Luckily, this is a new day and with time comes change.

Evolution of Smooth ( is the top dog of today’s market especially when it comes to lip balm. This brand has only been on the market for about 8 years, but it has overtaken Chapstick and Burt’s Bees as the best selling lip balm brand. EOS has a major advantage over the two because it’s full of beneficial ingredients that only mother nature can provide. Some of it’s main ingredients are shea butter, jojoba oil, antioxidants, and vitamins. You just won’t find this in your average everyday oral care products and EOS lip balm just so happen to be 95% organic. Being from an organic source, these small tubes can be used all year long no matter the season thanks to their safety factors.

Some of today’s most famous celebrities use the products religiously such as Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez. Evolution of Smooth is selling more than 1 Million units of this stuff on a weekly basis. The products are being sold by popular stores such as Amazon , Wal-Mart, Well and Target.

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Executive Chairman Mike Baur Announces Swiss Start Up Factory’s New Advisory Board

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Independent Accelerator, Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF) started a mission three years ago, to recruit talented young entrepreneurs to participate in its Startup Accelerator Program. In 2016, SSUF received over 1,500 applications and selected ten applicants to participate in its program that began in February through October. Mike Baur, Executive Chairman and Co-founder said in a SSUF News Release the company is now in the position to continue with advanced development. The new development phrase couldn’t happened if it wasn’t for the co-founding of 10 young Swiss companies and the partnerships with Red Bull Media House, Goldbach Group, Helvetia, and AMAG. SSUF officially implemented the next phase and made the announcement of its Advisory Board, on January 12th, 2017.




By the end of the year, SSUF expects key stakeholders to join the board and continue strengthening the Accelerator Program. The new nine-member Advisory Board include Professor Rico Baldegger, Dr. Robert Bider, Jean Claude Biver, Beat Curti, Peter Friedli, Andreas Gall, Daniel Gutenberg, Michael Hartweg, and Urs Wietlisbach. Mike Baur said the high-profile personalities will play an important role in the startup accelerator over the next couple of years.



Mike Baur co-founded The Swiss Start Up Factory with two partners, in 2014, as an independent and privately financed ICT Startup Accelerator. He has almost 29 years’ experience in banking with a strong focus on incubation. Before his partnership at SSUF, Baur worked as a commercial apprentice for UBS and received mentorship of a Swiss Private Bank’s executive board member. He attended University of Rochester in New York receiving a master’s degree, and the University of Bern receiving an executive master’s degree.



The Swiss Start Up Factory Accelerator Program is based in Zurich and provides early startup companies with services, including financing, coaching, investor & entrepreneurial networks, mentoring, and office space. The program is offered every year and runs February through September with office spaces in Zurich. SSUF attended the 2017 WorldwebForum, on January 24th and January 15th for its competitors to compete for the Coolest Startup Award. The winner can grow their network, create presence, generate leads, and contact investors & mentors.


The Impact of Advanced Technologies on Traffic in Williamson County

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The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is focusing its reach from the entire city of Austin, Texas to the problems facing the region’s suburbs. CTRMA Executive Director, Mike Heiligenstein, met with a number of other authorities of the transportation industry at the Williamson County Growth Summit to discuss the future implications of advancing technology on transportation. Leaders from RideScout, Uber, Texas External Affairs, and ArgoDesign were some of the groups present at the event.


Heiligenstein noted that new technologies such as driverless cars and ridesharing applications have potential to rapidly transform the transportation industry. He highlighted the need for investments towards transportation infrastructure particularly the need for increased capacity and smarter roads. He pointed out that while the number of roads has been increased, efficiency and technology of those roads must be addressed. Heiligenstein added that these advances should be focused on the suburban communities as this is where growth is highest.


Mr. Heiligenstein continued by addressing policy makers noting they must keep building and land codes flexible so that transportation infrastructure is able to adapt to future requirements.  These features have not been accounted for in current law and must be considered for the future. Mr. Heilignstein ended his remarks explaining that while future advances will need to be planned for, he does not expect the adoption rate to be very high at first, allowing some time to for policymakers to react.


Created in 2002 as an independent government agency CTRMA, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, was designed to improve transportation infrastructure in Williamson and Travis counties of Texas. The agency is focused on innovation, multi-modal solutions for transportation, reducing congestion, and improving the overall quality of life of citizens.


CTRMA is led by seven individuals who form the Board of Directors. Mike Heiligenstein serves as Executive Director in charge of a team of CTRMA professionals and an even larger base of private contractors. The agency operates under Chapter 370 of the Texas Transportation Code and has authority to implement a number of changes to the transportation system including roads, airports, and other transit services. CTRMA issues revenue bonds in order to fund projects and operations, and is authorized to issue user fees to repay these bonds.

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Business Leader Speaks on how He Started his Digital Reputation Management Company

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As the CEO and president of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, Darius Fisher has been able to learn many different aspects of the digital business world. With offices in Austin, New York, Los Angeles, and Sao Palo, it is easy to see the wide reach of Status Labs today. Darius Fisher has helped over 1,500 clients in 40 different countries earn the reputation they deserve online. Fisher sat down with Daniel Budzinski to talk about the challenges of starting a digital reputation management company.

Growing up in New York, Fisher came from a family that greatly valued education. This was a big factor in the success that Fisher gained later on in life. After graduating college, Fisher decided to move to California and start work on his company Status Labs. While Fisher states that he feels as though his company is a part of the PR industry, he states that digital reputation management is becoming even more important than traditional PR services. In our high-tech information world, what is said about you on the internet is going to determine what people think about you.

Fisher, at the young age of 31, has worked with celebrities, CEOS, Fortune 500 companies, Athletes, and politicians.

Digital reputation is helping clients manage their digital identity over social media outlets, google results, and all other online presences. Fisher fell into this industry by taking an internship with a political consulting firm. After parting ways with this political consulting firm, he was still linked in with companies that helped politicians and other public figures with crisis management. These companies sent him a lot of their digital based work dealing with their websites, social media, and google search results. Fischer soon saw that this was a great opportunity for starting a company where he could provide these services.

These problems will come out of nowhere, but it is important to keep working on your business even when times are tough. There are always issues to running your business, Fishers states, but it is those entrepreneurs who work through the hard times that get to a solid state in their businesses.

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Anthony Petrello; A Success Story

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Anthony Petrello is known as the most powerful man in the oil industry as he is the CEO and the president of the Nabors Industries. He was elected to the company’s board of directors in 1991 he has also served on the executive committee of the board.

Petrello was the Chief Operating Officer and the President of the company from 1991 to 2011. He operated as the deputy chairman of the board since 2003. He became the Chief Executive Officer 2011. In 2012, he was elected as the chairman of the board and the executive committee. He still serves as the president of the company.

Before he joined the Nabors Industries, he was working with the Baker and McKenzie firm from 1979 to 1991. He was later promoted to the position of the Managing Partner of the New York firm in 1986 until 1991 when he offered his resignation.

He did his Bachelor of Science and also Master of Science in Mathematics from Yale University. He also has a Juris Doctor from the Harvard School of Law. Anthony also serves as a director of the Hilcorp Energy Company and the Stewart and Stevenson LLC. He serves as a member of the board of trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Overcoming challenges

Tony has had his share of challenges in his personal life. His daughter was diagnosed with a neurological condition at birth. However, he didn’t let that discourage him. From this challenge, he has donated money to different research opportunities that help in studying such conditions. Anthony has been and is still an advocate for the research that is being done to address the neurological illnesses that affect the children.

Despite having achieved great success in his career, he has been involved in different philanthropy work that has enhanced his reputation.

About Nabors Industries

It is a company that focuses on oil and gas. It has established its presence in different in three different places; America, Africa, and the Middle East. In addition to working with geothermal drilling, it also engages offshore servicing in North America. The name Anglo Energy was changed to Nabors Industries in 1987. The company today is publicly traded on the American Stock Exchange.

Securus Technologies Stands Firm Against GTL Claims

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The business world is a challenging world that provides the opportunity for many amazing benefits. The companies that compete for sales and market share engage in a daily battle against other companies trying to achieve the same thing. In the business world where raw numbers easily determines success and failure, things can become very heated between companies that compete on a regular basis.


Disagreements between companies are common in the business world. The way the disagreements are handled is very important. It is always best for companies to resolve issues quietly behind closed doors. Preventing the public from becoming involved in the disagreement is best for both companies. Public information regarding companies usually is not good for either company.


Recently a disagreement between Securus Technologies and GTL became public because GTL sent out a press release that provided the thoughts of GTL on the situation. The disagreement concerned technology patent rights between the two companies. Both companies felt that the patent issue was the fault of the other company. When GTL sent out the press release regarding the disagreement, GTL made numerous claims against Securus Technologies related to the technology patent rights disagreement.


The press release by Securus Technologies was done in a professional manner. The press release stated Securus Technologies’ side of the situation and listed reasons why the claims made by GTL were not valid.


I think that the press release sent out by Securus Technologies to defend itself was something that the company had to do based on the situation.


Securus Technologies  is a well respected technology company that provides an array of products and services to numerous markets that includes the correction market.