John Goullet is a Reputable Expert and Investor in the IT industry

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John Goullet, the current chairman and senior manager of Diversant LLC, has a deep-rooted history in the information technology sector. From the early 80s stretching all the way to early 90s, he served in several positions in different companies within the industry. At the start of his career, he worked as an IT consultant and later as an IT account staffing executive. Some of the companies that Goulett worked for includes Computer Sciences Corp., 3d Information Services, Cap Gemini America, and The Constell Group.

Info Technology

John Goullet broke into the IT industry in 1994 when he used his IT staffing background to establish his company, Info Technology Inc. For the last 23 years, Info Technology has been offering professional IT staffing services to its clients. Its services are based on a deep understanding of the different staffing needs of different clients and then customized to meet those particular needs. As the CEO of Info Technologies, John Goullet has managed to grow the company to great heights. Under his leadership, the company has received recognition from Inc. magazine’s Inc. 500 for its speedy and steady growth and John’s Website.

Ideamensch Interview

Ideamensch interviewed John in November of last year. He said that the idea of establishing his two companies, Info Technologies and Diversant, came from his knowledge of labor markets. He revealed that the American labor market currently has a deficiency of qualified IT experts; that’s an under-explored industry. The motivation to start the companies came from the entrepreneurs who had succeeded before him. He told Ideamensch that the simple fact that they had succeeded gave him hope that he would succeed as well. Today, he grows the company by first making predictions on the future IT sector demands and then designing products for the future and learn more about John.

Worst Job for Goullet

John Goullet also discussed a bit of his past life during the interview. He narrated of a job that he did during his high school days at a local manufacturing firm. He recalled a demotivating comment that was made one of his colleague for being so hard working to the point of making the colleague feel threatened. That comment made him hate the job, and he quit a day later. To this date, that job remains as his worst ever job and read full article.

Doe Deere: A Founder For Famous Brand Lime Crime

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A very talented young entrepreneur, Doe Deere, who is also known as “Queen of Unicorns” shared her love for all things in multicolor and her passion for makeup industry by launching “Lime Crime” as her successful brand for cosmetic. You might have heard about the traditional success story of Doe Deere and if you are the one who doesn’t have heard any such stories that this article will help you to know about this extra smart and beautiful young entrepreneur. A businesswoman who is working hard to introduce something new and unique for the people so that they can forget the traditional makeup and move onto the next level of makeup industry.



If you read the story of “Queen of Unicorns” you will feel what every other individual who are planning to step into entrepreneurship because she has achieved what she aimed for in the presence of the giants of makeup industry. Her partner was the one who assisted her to achieve what she is aiming for and then due to hard work she achieved what she aimed. That’s what makes another individual aim for your target and then running towards it no matter how hard the path seems and how hard it would be to get up after falling because you know that if you are planning to travel 100 steps then after one step, rest would be 99. So, what she taught, aim for your goal, and then you will get it one day.



She born in Russia and raised there and later moved to the land of entrepreneurs, the United States of America after reaching the seventh year of her age and she presently lives in Los Angeles. She was always ambitious and imaginative about trying something unique and something that would make her prominent in her group. She thinks of becoming a musician, but she became an entrepreneur because of her passion for helping other by launching something that would be unique, exclusive and something that everyone would like to try no matter what his or her preferences of life are.



She told in an interview that she was underage when she started selling tattoos and that was the time when she found that her dream is to become an entrepreneur. And even though she was a rising talent star in the musical industry, she changed his field and went for Lime Wire to go what she is aiming for, and that is she told other to do, follow their instincts.

Read the interview here:

George Soros Giving Millions to Support Democratic Causes around the World

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Those who know George Soros cannot dispute the successful investor’s power in US politics and culture. The New York-based hedge fund manager has since the 1980s been an active funder of democratic causes around the world. His activities in the political world have helped reshape political landscapes in many countries, leading to the toppling of some long-serving regimes. In 2004, Soros sensationally committed $27 million to help defeat the US President George W. Bush. Over the years, Soros has become as the most influential funder of Democrat causes. During the recent US political campaign, Soros donated over $25 million to back Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.

A firm believer in Democrat ideals, Soros supports various organizations that support the party’s causes. For instance, Soros has doled out substantial amounts of money to Priorities USA Action, Immigrant Voters Win, and America Bridge 21st Century, all of which uphold Democrat beliefs.

George Soros was born in Budapest Hungary on August 12, 1930. His father Tivadar Schwartz was a practicing attorney and a zealous supporter of Esperanto, a language invented in the 1880’s to help reduce nationalistic tendencies and foster intercultural harmony. In1936, Schwartz changed the family surname to Soros, an Esperanto verb that means “will soar.” In 1947, the Soros relocated to England, and the young George enrolled at London School of Economics (LSE). It was at LSE that Soros would interact with Karl Popper’s works. Although Popper was a teacher at the same school, he didn’t directly tutor George. His ideas on open society, however, which he wrote in his book under the same title, were very influential on George Soros. The book supported a moral code that put mankind welfare above personal interest. For the rest of his life, Soros would follow the same ideals. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

After graduating from LSE in 1952, Soros started working at Singer and Friedlander, a London brokerage firm. Later, in 1956, he relocated to New York, where he met and married Annalise Witschak in 1960. He became a US citizen in 1961.

In the years following his relocation to the US, Soros founded Double Eagle, a hedge fund investment that grew rapidly to over $1 billion by 1985. Currently, Soros’ investments have brought him more than $24.9 billion, making Soros one of the 30 wealthiest people in the world.

A significant chunk of George Soros’ fortune goes to support philanthropic causes. His nonprofit foundation, the Open Society Foundation has been an active supporter of tolerant and vibrant democracy in many countries around the world. Since the early 1990’s, Soros has spent hundreds of millions of dollars per year to help fund different charitable causes. Learn more about his profile at


Investment Strategy Advice You Can Actually Use

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Passive index funds will outperform active hedge funds over an extended period, according to famed investor Warren Buffett, and Capital Group CEO Timothy Armour agrees. However, in a commentary article for CNBC Investing, Armour indicates that the key to successful investing has less to do with the distinction between active and passive, and more to do with the cost of the investment.

Armour has no problem admitting Buffett’s bottom-up investment strategy is time-tested and true, but it is not perfect and it is not always the best option. Some mutual funds guarantee long-term returns, but the returns may be poor because of high maintenance costs. In addition, mutual funds lose value from excessive trading, and these costs are difficult to account for because they are often underappreciated by investors. Timothy Armour also indicates that passive index funds are not as safe as some investors believe. The truth is that index funds expose investors to all the risks of market downturns and provide little or no protection.

With over 30 years of investment experience, Timothy Armour was elected Chairman of Capital Group in July of 2015 after the passing of Jim Rothenberg, the previous Chairman. Armour is also Director and Principle Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company.

Armour joined Capital Group in 1983 as a participant in The Associates Program, according to, and has never left. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College and climbed Capital Group’s corporate ladder to the top holding several positions including Equity Investment Analyst, Equity Portfolio Manager and Chairman at The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

Check YouTube for more information about Tim Aarmour.

Troy McQuagge: An Individual Working for a Middle Class

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When we talk about the health insurance and an individual who is an authority in this sector, Troy McQuagge is the name that comes to our mind. Tony is an entrepreneur and corporate executive who were from the most beautiful city in Florida, Panama. He took his primary education from one of the best institutes in Panama and then he moved to Central Florida University to complete his formal education.

Troy McQuagge is currently living in Coppell, Texas and assisting US Health Advisors by working with them on CEO and President Positions. With his over three-decade worth of experiences in health insurance sale, he is a most competent individual in the whole individual who can run US Health effectively. And with the help of his past experiences and skills, he took US Health to new heights and made the company into a leading firm for health insurance department.

Troy started his early professional career in the sales of insurance in the health sector, where he earned extensive experience. His professional career since 1983 by joining Allstate Insurance till today working for US Health Advisors is full of ups and downs. He faced the hurdles in his daily life that many of us have just read in different books and that’s what made him into an iconic personality with unmatchable experiences in the insurance industry and more information click here.

By working for USHEALTH Advisors, he is managing the profitability of health insurance. His target is those who were under sixty-five years of age. This company is primarily a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. This company usually focuses on selling different health insurance plans and also customizes the plan according to the preferences of the client so that they can have a customized plan that would be according to their needs and their monthly budget.

And with his extensive experiences in this insurance sale sector, he can help you with a solution that would be best for you or your employee needs and learn more about Troy.

How Does The Fabletics Woman Dress?

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The Fabletics woman has a distinctive style that is hard to miss, and women who are dressing in the Fabletics style will rule the world in tights, sports bras and sweaters that fill out the athleisure style. Each lady who shops with Fabletics will be pleased to find that she may purchase a number of different Fabletics pieces, and she will find even more when she comes to their new stores. This article explains how Fabletics is expanding to stores, changing the way women dress and remaining true to their vision.


#1: Kate Hudson’s Vision


Kate Hudson started with a vision for the company that would serve working mothers who leave the house in a hurry. She has done that for years with her own children, and she believes that every woman should have easy clothing to wear that looks good. She started the athleisure movement that is now taking over fashion, and she believes that there are many women who will feel chich for the very first time when they wear her Fabletics clothing.


#2: How Are The Clothes Designed?


Women who are shopping with Fabletics will find each article of clothing is cut to fit her form better than anything else. She will feel as though her body has been honored by the cut on the items, and she will see the darting and stitching on Fabletics clothing honor her figure in a new way.


#3: The Brand Is Consistent


The brand has been consistent from the very beginning when offering women better ways to dress. They will find articles of clothing that will hug their bodies, and they tend to look better once worn on the street. A woman who slips into the Fabletics brand will have a chic look that will take her from the gym to lunch and out for some shopping.


#4: The Stores Are Coming Soon


The stores for Fabletics are coming soon, and they will feature a shopping experience that is far different from the standard store. The lady who comes into the store may check her Fabletics account for her latest purchases, and she will be familiar with quite a lot of what she sees in the store. She dresses like a Fabletics woman as it is, and she may complete her wardrobe using items that were found in the store. The store products are often different from what is found online, but there are many familiar products that a woman will appreciate.


Everyone who is looking for a simpler way to dress must come to Fabletics for the reverse showroom experience. They will be familiar with what they see when entering the store, Ladies may choose clothing that makes them feel like a woman, and they will find a number of pieces that all fit together to make many styles that are needed. The lady who is using Fabletics clothes to improve her style will be hard to miss, and she will take her style anywhere she likes front he gym to the shops.

Doe Deere Transforming the Fashion Industry with her Luminous Cosmetics

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Doe Deere, the founder, and CEO of lime crime cosmetics was born in Russia and brought up in New York City. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Doe is on a special mission to prove that cosmetics can do more than just conceal imperfections. According to her, cosmetics are a form of self-expression and freedom. People have a mentality that beauty is what looks best or what is natural, but for Doe, beauty is what feels right at a particular moment.


With this inspiration, Doe established her line of colorful, cruelty-free, and magical cosmetics in 2008. She named her company the Lime Crime, which is a combination of her best color, light green. Her aim was to develop cosmetics that are so bright and vivid such that wearing them might seem illegal. Back in 2004, Doe Deere registered an account on eBay for her DIY fashion line and named in lime crime. She modeled everything as she wanted to be on the brand and very colorful makeup became her staple. Her idea for creating a makeup brand came to her when she was still sewing. It was part of necessity as well as inspiration because she found out that bright colors were scarce.


Doe publicly addresses the subject of following personal intuitions and ambitions at public functions such as the Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. She loves mentoring women who dare to dream and those who aspire to be entrepreneurs. She welcomes them to contact her for free advice on her Instagram page.


Doe Deere understands that hard work is an essential factor for success. Her typical day is so busy with lots of meeting and attends to products to develop. Doe waits patiently for inspiration to develop new ideas, but when she gets inspired, she acts swiftly and decisively. When creating new products, she insists on trying them out personally before they are released to the general public as this is the only way she can be assured that the products are authentic and worth to be on Lime Crime.


One of the technologies that excite Doe is the e-commerce. According to her, there are many advantages that consumers can reap by shopping online. Her company is always innovative trying to get new ways to satisfy their clients on e-commerce. As a successful entrepreneur, Doe advice all other entrepreneurs to trust their instincts and treat their partners, employees, and vendors with love and respect. Doe loves technology, and she currently uses Waze application and advice all entrepreneurs to try it out as it would save them a lot of time.


For more information, visit

Sam Boraie Is Shaping Up the Lives of People in New Jersey

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The United States is one of the most economically advanced countries in the world. It owes its reputation to millions of citizens who work day in day out to ensure the economy continues to thrive. One of these people is Sam Boraie, the son of an Egyptian education immigrant who came to the United States to study but decided to stay.

According to NY Times, Sam and his father have played an integral role in the real estate industry, especially in New Brunswick. His father is among the daring investors who transformed the town into a modern urban center. The town is now a thriving business hub and a home to people from all walks of life.

In a report by PRNewsWire, Sam is currently the managing director of Boraie Development LLC, a multi-million dollar real estate company operating in New Jersey.  It owns the Aspire, a 238-unit residential building located near New Brunswick Train Station. The building is constructed on 10,000 square feet of land and features sundeck rooftops, a great hospital system and secure parking facility. The company is also behind the construction and management of the Albany Street Plaza.

In Newark, the company has renovated a residential building worth $2 billion. The building, which was the first high-rise apartment in Newark, has 169 rental units and sits on an 8,500 square feet of retail space. The company spent more than $60 million to renovate it.

The company is also undertaking new projects in various cities. The ongoing projects include a 324-unit condominium in Milltown and a 250-unit residential building in Atlantic City.

Apart from real estate, Sam Boraie has dedicated some his time to charity. He sits on the board of trustees of the State Theatre,, a nonprofit organization that uses talents and skills to create a positive impact in the society. The organization gives people from all walks of life a chance to showcase their talents through productions and performances every year. Using his powers as a board member, Sam ensures that the organization performs up to its expectations. He is involved in the short and long-term planning and also ensures the organization has enough funds to run its activities. Most of the funding comes from Sam, his family and the Boraie Development LLC.

Sam is also involved with Elijah’s Promise, another philanthropic organization that aims to instill joy and happiness in people through food. The organization brings people from different cultural backgrounds together and gives them a platform to share and rejoice with one another. It also aims to eradicate the cycle of poverty that is prevalent in New Jersey and neighboring states. The company’s top goals include eradicating hunger, providing healthy foods, encouraging entrepreneurship and preaching peace and harmony. Sam, who sits on the board, is highly involved in planning for the future events. He also funds some of the organization’s activities.

The society could be a better place if all people were compassionate and hardworking like Sam Boraie.

PRSA Launching Online Reputation Management Course

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The PR Society of America launched an eight-week certificate program aimed strengthening the credibility of management-level communicators.

PRSA says the program is designed to be “an introduction to the fundamentals, perspectives and standards comprising best practices for effective reputation management integration and fostering greater accountability.” The course will be taught solely online with instruction from top industry leaders who will offer real world examples in live interactive sessions.

The course was also designed with the help of Reputation Economy Advisers, including CEO Andrew Johndrow, co-founder and CEO; Loren-Christopher Schneid, co-founder and president, and Joan Walker, special adviser.

PRSA CEO Joseph Truncale said that PRSA is “is pleased to partner with Reputation Management Advisors to offer an innovative, online curriculum focused on enhancing reputation management across the communications profession.”

Some of the instructors will include MasterCard executive Jim Issokson,and Lisa Ryan, Senior Vice President of Heyman Associates. PRSA launched this program with the goal of increasing the skillset and knowledge of communications practitioners through exclusive instruction in the area of business strategy. The cost to enroll for PRSA members is $1,495, and for non-members is $1,795.

The course will run for eight sessions on Wednesdays from 3-4 p.m. EDT starting May 10.  PRSA believes it is important that today’s communicators meet the expectation for reputation management.

Arthur Becker: Newest Venture Named After Him

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The Real Deal reported some days ago about Arthur Becker’s new deal. Becker has been the silent investor behind major real estate projects. He has been a backer for Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern, just to name a few. Now he is putting his own name on a real estate project on 465 Washington Street in Tribeca with a projected selling price of $52.5 million.

This project will be a boutique and artsy building with interior designed by Paris Forino. Also, it’s located next two his studio office. In this real estate development, there will be one penthouse duplex and seven simplex apartments. The square footage will range from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet. Also, the prices will be $2,200 per square foot to $3,200 per square foot. And for the penthouse, the asking price will be between $5 million and $14 million.

Becker purchased 465 Washington in 2012 for $6.1 million from Peter Moore, a developer who was previously an architect. Other than that, it has been reported that Becker invested $550 million worth of projects within New York City, according to Real Capital Analytics, a research firm.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is the Madison Partners, LLC’s managing member. From 2012 to 2015, he was the CEO and Chairman of Zinio LLC. which is located in New York, New York, and this company is the biggest digital newsstand worldwide. His other previous roles include the following: CEO of NaviSite, a provider of Internet technology services, a senior advisor for Vera Wang fashion company for seven years, and he has been a private investor of real estate and technology since 2011 when NaviSite was sold to Time Warner. With his educational achievements, Becker graduated from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth in 1974 in business.

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