Doe Deere: A Founder For Famous Brand Lime Crime

Posted by Wiscy on May 10, 2017

A very talented young entrepreneur, Doe Deere, who is also known as “Queen of Unicorns” shared her love for all things in multicolor and her passion for makeup industry by launching “Lime Crime” as her successful brand for cosmetic. You might have heard about the traditional success story of Doe Deere and if you are the one who doesn’t have heard any such stories that this article will help you to know about this extra smart and beautiful young entrepreneur. A businesswoman who is working hard to introduce something new and unique for the people so that they can forget the traditional makeup and move onto the next level of makeup industry.



If you read the story of “Queen of Unicorns” you will feel what every other individual who are planning to step into entrepreneurship because she has achieved what she aimed for in the presence of the giants of makeup industry. Her partner was the one who assisted her to achieve what she is aiming for and then due to hard work she achieved what she aimed. That’s what makes another individual aim for your target and then running towards it no matter how hard the path seems and how hard it would be to get up after falling because you know that if you are planning to travel 100 steps then after one step, rest would be 99. So, what she taught, aim for your goal, and then you will get it one day.



She born in Russia and raised there and later moved to the land of entrepreneurs, the United States of America after reaching the seventh year of her age and she presently lives in Los Angeles. She was always ambitious and imaginative about trying something unique and something that would make her prominent in her group. She thinks of becoming a musician, but she became an entrepreneur because of her passion for helping other by launching something that would be unique, exclusive and something that everyone would like to try no matter what his or her preferences of life are.



She told in an interview that she was underage when she started selling tattoos and that was the time when she found that her dream is to become an entrepreneur. And even though she was a rising talent star in the musical industry, she changed his field and went for Lime Wire to go what she is aiming for, and that is she told other to do, follow their instincts.

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  • Emilee Conrad says:

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