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Malcolm CasSelle Has Influenced Virtual Game Assets Through The WAX Platform

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The Worldwide Asset eXchange is referred to as WAX, and is a platform allowing the participation in virtual game assets through a marketplace. The transaction costs are reduced, and the centralized exchanges fractionalize the player profits. Users can transfer items using a virtual asset exchange process, and their duties are regulated by a Guild. The Guilds are elected and if they do not perform their actions correctly, will not be re-elected. When a Guild has a high reputation, the value of the product increases. As credibility and reputation are established, the value of the items on the WAX platform increases.

WAX increases the security to the blockchain, the risk of hackers decreases, and the innovations increase security. Through WAX, new assets have been created that were not exchangeable in the past. Once the virtual items have been traded, WAX is able to strategically onboard groups of physical assets to their platform. This guarantees the WAX tokens available through the blockchain remain connected to the corresponding physical items.

Malcolm CasSelle currently serves WAX as their President. He additionally serves OPSkins as the CIO, and this is the top marketplace for purchasing or selling online video game items. He formerly worked as the CTO and President at tronc and was responsible for the growth factor in leveraging digital assets. When SeaChange acquired Malcolm CasSelle’s company called Timeline Labs, he became their Digital Media’s SVP and GM. Timeline Labs was a solution for businesses to display, discover, and measure content using social signaling.

Malcolm CasSelle has been responsible for digital industry startups including MediaPass, Groupon, and Xfire. He has additionally had an active influence on Zynga, Facebook, big data funds, and blockchain verticals. When his career first began, he was one of the co-founders for PCCW. The company was headquartered in Hong Kong, and was classified as a publicly traded telecom. The current value of the business is $35 billion. He helped raise billions for PCCW’s offering during his career, in addition to private transactions worth hundreds of millions. He speaks several languages, and received degrees from Stanford University and MIT in Computer Science.

Tech at Your Fingertips: A NewsWatch TV Review

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NewsWatch TV is a show that began in 1990 in the United States and has been running on the AMC and Ion networks. It is a show that features the latest in technology and keeping consumers in mind. The show is based in Washington D.C.

The show features a Tech report with the latest news on all things in the world of technology. The piece has been well received by viewers and now is an integral part of the program. The show also travels to the annual trade shows in order to see what consumer electronics will be for sale in the coming months. NewsWatch TV has had a positive influence on small companies launching new products on to the market.One such product is the Contour Design Workstation.

In the video that has been broadcast on NewsWatch TV, it explains what the Contour Design Workstation is and how it can improve work performance and get the job done without putting unnecessary strain on a person’s hands. The workstation features a roller bar mouse and a comfortable bad to reduce strain on a person’s wrists. The workstation has state of the art technology that allows it to adapt itself to anyone’s pace of work. This allows for more production in the workplace and allows workers to get more done on any given day. The results of the ad were instantaneous for the company. Sales have soared for the company and it has reached more than ninety-five million households. Contour Design could not be more pleased with the results of the campaign.

NewsWatch TV will have a great impact on the technology of the future. As the latest and greatest technology comes out this show will be on top of things making sure it is a great fit for many future customers.


Securus Technologies Leads the Corrections Industry under Rick Smith

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Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a renowned provider of technologies presently used in society protection. Corrections organizations and public safety organizations continue to request the able services of Securus Technologies to investigate and protect solutions. Presently, Securus Technologies dedicates itself to both criminal and civil justice technology, focusing on preventing and solving crimes […]

Jason Hope Envisions A Bright Future

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Jason Hope was born and raised in Arizona. It is the state where he was able to receive his education and where he operates his business. Filled with optimism for the future, Hope is strongly involved in the tech industry as an entrepreneur. He’s involved in variety of fields, but nothing catches his eye quite […]