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Business Leader Speaks on how He Started his Digital Reputation Management Company

Posted by Wiscy on February 24, 2017 with 1 Comment

As the CEO and president of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, Darius Fisher has been able to learn many different aspects of the digital business world. With offices in Austin, New York, Los Angeles, and Sao Palo, it is easy to see the wide reach of Status Labs today. Darius Fisher has helped over 1,500 clients in 40 different countries earn the reputation they deserve online. Fisher sat down with Daniel Budzinski to talk about the challenges of starting a digital reputation management company.

Growing up in New York, Fisher came from a family that greatly valued education. This was a big factor in the success that Fisher gained later on in life. After graduating college, Fisher decided to move to California and start work on his company Status Labs. While Fisher states that he feels as though his company is a part of the PR industry, he states that digital reputation management is becoming even more important than traditional PR services. In our high-tech information world, what is said about you on the internet is going to determine what people think about you.

Fisher, at the young age of 31, has worked with celebrities, CEOS, Fortune 500 companies, Athletes, and politicians.

Digital reputation is helping clients manage their digital identity over social media outlets, google results, and all other online presences. Fisher fell into this industry by taking an internship with a political consulting firm. After parting ways with this political consulting firm, he was still linked in with companies that helped politicians and other public figures with crisis management. These companies sent him a lot of their digital based work dealing with their websites, social media, and google search results. Fischer soon saw that this was a great opportunity for starting a company where he could provide these services.

These problems will come out of nowhere, but it is important to keep working on your business even when times are tough. There are always issues to running your business, Fishers states, but it is those entrepreneurs who work through the hard times that get to a solid state in their businesses.

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