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Fashion Forward with the Academy of Art University

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The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 in San Francisco, California. It is a privately owned college that works for profit. Over the years the college has grown to become one of the biggest property owners in San Francisco.

The staff of the college is quite large. there are currently two-hundred eighty-three full-time teachers at the university and more than one thousand part-time positions at the school. The university has about twelve thousand students in its ranks and may be the largest privately funded university of its kind.

At the university, the core principle is that all kinds of students are welcome to the campus. As the motto states, it is a university by art students for art students. It is one big happy family and students there are strongly encouraged to support one another. This is especially true when it came to this year’s Fashion Week in New York City.

New York City’s Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events of the whole year. It can take one designer from obscurity and launch that particular person into the fashion stratosphere. The Academy of Art held its annual showcase there for senior students to show off their skills at design. The event was held on September the ninth and here are a couple of examples of what the students pulled off.

One student named Eden Slezin was influenced by his love of the classic denim look.He used only organic denim that was donated to him for this project. He also used rubber bike tubes in order to make his point about using recycled materials in order to keep fashion going into the future.

A second student is named Dina Marie Lam. When her aunt passed away she was inspired to make a warm and comforting look that drew on the emotions that she was feeling at the time. She used soft textures and colors to illustrate her point.

These are just two of the students that have made an impression during Fashion Week. These and many more students will make the Academy of Art University very proud.


Doe Deere- article recap

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Starting a new business is an exciting endeavor, but can take a lot of hard work. Running a business in the internet age is also much different than running a business in past decades. Entrepreneurs such as Doe Deere of Lime Crime cosmetics have thrived in today’s business market. Deere runs a completely web based cosmetic line, and has enjoyed success with her quirky brand while inspiring others to do the same.


Deere has enjoyed growing success since starting her business in 2004. She’s carved out a unique niche by providing bold and cruelty free cosmetic, nail polish and hair colors. She isn’t just an entrepreneur, but a brand ambassador who uses and rocks her products to inspire her followers to pursue their own unique look. Like other entrepreneurs of her age, she stays close to her audience and her products. Lime Crime’s website is fun, bold, and creates rapport with visitors immediately while promoting their values and products. Her business grew out of her passion, which is clearly seen in the company’s values and mission. Fortunately her passion for bold and unique colors is shared by a growing cult following, which has led to increasing success for Lime Crime. Learn more:


Forming a new business is hard and requires a lot of determination, but entrepreneurs like Deere landed on success by sticking with it and responding to market trends. After starting with an ebay store in 2004, Lime Crime developed into a brand over the years. While Deere’s web based business has had it’s ups and downs, Deere has enjoyed the immediate feedback that a web-based presence allows for. She hopes to inspire both customers and other entrepreneurs with her unique style and commitment to the company’s ideals.


Lime Crime is proudly certified by PETA and the Leaping Bunny Foundation for their vegan and cruelty free products. They want to revolutionize makeup with their cruelty free process and their bold colors marketed to the bold at heart. Deere found a discouraging lack of daring colors to express herself, which is why she started her own line back in 2004. The intense colors are meant to inspire a rebellion from the norm. While Lime Crime has quite a range of products including lipsticks, nail art, hair dyes and eye shadows, Deere is excited to add more products to the line in the near future. Learn more:

Doe Deere Shares Insider Information on Routine

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Doe Deere is usually someone who is relatively private about her personal life. While she does enjoy talking about her brand and she likes to show off the looks that she creates, it is not often that she gives information about her own life away freely. For this reason, her recent interview on the routine […]