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Securus Technologies Making Officers Jobs a Little Easier

Posted by Wiscy on October 5, 2017 with 1 Comment

Working inside a dangerous and crowded prison is not for the timid. When I put on my uniform each day, I realize that I am going to be right in the line of fire with inmates who are looking for ways to lash out at authority. These inmates are looking for ways to strike back at those who put them in jail, and many time me and my fellow officers have to take that hit. To try and make things safer for everyone in the jail, my team has developed a few ways keep some degree of order.


Each day, my team assembles and we head over to the visitor center to start maintaining some order. If we did not put up a huge front in that location, the inmates would be in the best position to get drugs and contraband with little effort from family or friends. To stop the flow of these items. we start by warning all guests that they can not bring anything into the prison or they face jail time themselves. We search them, we run them through scanners, and we do the same for the inmates.


While we used to pay a considerable amount of time and effort listening to the inmates as they use the jail phones, thanks to Securus Technologies our job in that area has gotten easier. Securus Technologies is responsible for making inmate call monitoring systems that will use software to scan all the calls and alert officers if any chatter about contraband is detected. Instead of us using man power to sit and listen to calls, we can now do things like cell inspections and beef up efforts in other areas.


Securus Technologies is already in thousands of different jails, and the company objective is to make certain the world becomes a safer place for all to live.


If You’re Wondering About What Securus Technologies Is, Please Don’t Hesitate To Continue Reading

Posted by Wiscy on June 9, 2017 with 1 Comment

The program of communications that has been designed by the developers of Securus Technologies is one that is very difficult for anyone to compare their particular products/programs of communications with. It is a form of communication that is allowing both inmates who are confined in correctional facilities to contact visitors via methods of video conferencing in which the visitor(s) are not even required to visit the physical location of the correctional facility where the inmate that they’re striving to communicate with is confined in.


Securus Technologies is not only a program that’s allowing inmates to effectively and efficiently communicate with their visitors, it’s also one that is providing a vast array of benefits to the communities that surround the correctional facilities. It’s offering such benefits by acting as a deterrent of crimes, as law enforcement officials can now utilize the chat segments that are conducted between the inmates of the correctional facilities and their visitors as forms of evidence for investigative proceedings in court should it be necessary. Due to such capabilities, Securus Technologies is essentially acting as a deterrent of crimes by making inmates aware that there is a monitoring aspect of a communications platform that is one of the most convenient forms of networking for them. Those who may prefer engaging in criminal activities within the premises of correctional facilities may find that it is becoming more difficult to maintain their stance on such decisions, as the Securus Technologies program is one that is essentially allowing other inmate to potentially talk about what is occurring in the different cells. If any conversations pertaining to them are spoken about, it’s highly possible investigations will occur in court. Please be ready to speak with a help desk representative, as they’re more than willing to guide and assist along one’s process of utilizing this wonderfully designed program.


Securus Technologies Stands Firm Against GTL Claims

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The business world is a challenging world that provides the opportunity for many amazing benefits. The companies that compete for sales and market share engage in a daily battle against other companies trying to achieve the same thing. In the business world where raw numbers easily determines success and failure, things can become very heated […]