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John Goullet is a Reputable Expert and Investor in the IT industry

Posted by Wiscy on May 14, 2017 with 1 Comment

John Goullet, the current chairman and senior manager of Diversant LLC, has a deep-rooted history in the information technology sector. From the early 80s stretching all the way to early 90s, he served in several positions in different companies within the industry. At the start of his career, he worked as an IT consultant and later as an IT account staffing executive. Some of the companies that Goulett worked for includes Computer Sciences Corp., 3d Information Services, Cap Gemini America, and The Constell Group.

Info Technology

For the last 23 years, Info Technology has been offering professional IT staffing services to its clients. Its services are based on a deep understanding of the different staffing needs of different clients and then customized to meet those particular needs. As the CEO of Info Technologies, John Goullet has managed to grow the company to great heights. Under his leadership, the company has received recognition from Inc. magazine’s Inc. 500 for its speedy and steady growth and John’s Website.

Ideamensch Interview

Ideamensch interviewed John in November of last year. He said that the idea of establishing his two companies, Info Technologies and Diversant, came from his knowledge of labor markets. He revealed that the American labor market currently has a deficiency of qualified IT experts; that’s an under-explored industry. The motivation to start the companies came from the entrepreneurs who had succeeded before him. He told Ideamensch that the simple fact that they had succeeded gave him hope that he would succeed as well. Today, he grows the company by first making predictions on the future IT sector demands and then designing products for the future and learn more about John.

Worst Job for Goullet

John Goullet also discussed a bit of his past life during the interview. He narrated of a job that he did during his high school days at a local manufacturing firm. He recalled a demotivating comment that was made one of his colleague for being so hard working to the point of making the colleague feel threatened. That comment made him hate the job, and he quit a day later. To this date, that job remains as his worst ever job and read full article.

Investment Strategy Advice You Can Actually Use

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Passive index funds will outperform active hedge funds over an extended period, according to famed investor Warren Buffett, and Capital Group CEO Timothy Armour agrees. However, in a commentary article for CNBC Investing, Armour indicates that the key to successful investing has less to do with the distinction between active and passive, and more to do with the cost of the investment.

Armour has no problem admitting Buffett’s bottom-up investment strategy is time-tested and true, but it is not perfect and it is not always the best option. Some mutual funds guarantee long-term returns, but the returns may be poor because of high maintenance costs. In addition, mutual funds lose value from excessive trading, and these costs are difficult to account for because they are often underappreciated by investors. Timothy Armour also indicates that passive index funds are not as safe as some investors believe. The truth is that index funds expose investors to all the risks of market downturns and provide little or no protection.

With over 30 years of investment experience, Timothy Armour was elected Chairman of Capital Group in July of 2015 after the passing of Jim Rothenberg, the previous Chairman.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College and climbed Capital Group’s corporate ladder to the top holding several positions including Equity Investment Analyst, Equity Portfolio Manager and Chairman at The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

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