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Equities First Holdings is the World’s Preferred Stock-based Lender

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According to the French Tribune, Equities First Holdings is set to become Europe’s leading stock-based loans lender. The firm is currently leading globally in the provision of the cheapest interest rates on loan products. Its innovation and commitment to ensuring clients have their credit services needs catered to have seen Equities First Holdings grow very fast since its establishment in 2002. In less than two decades, the company has made transactions worth more than $1.4 billion.

These loans have enabled the company’s clients to meet their personal and business financial goals. Given that the firm lends to sophisticated investors, its lending options give customers a fast option of acquiring loans while using stocks as security. Clients are finding this a suitable option for raising funds for different purposes since the company also offers a fixed interest rate spread over an extended duration of time. Protection from interest fluctuations as is the case with traditional lenders has seen Equities First Holdings gain traction globally over its years of operation.


Investments Secrets From Investor Paul Mampilly

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Getting over 60,000 annual subscribers for a one-year-old investment newsletter is not easy. But Profits Unlimited has made it asa result of credible tips for investment from Paul Mampilly. This investment newsletter is published by Banyan Hill, and it targets Main Street Americans searching for perfect investment advice. Paul focuses the needs of investors who are new in business or those who want to accumulate more wealth from sound investments.

Paul Mampilly is an expert in the stock market and has vast experience in hedge fund management. He was born in India, and his father was a great investor. Paul is highly learned. He attended Montclair State University, New Jersey where he attained a degree in finance and accounting. He wasn’t satisfied with a degree, and he moved to Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business for an MBA. Paul was very active during his higher education, and he was confident he would be a successful entrepreneur.

Paul Mampilly began His career at Wall Street where he worked and managed several multi-million accounts. He worked at Bankers Trust, Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank as well as ING. Mampilly also worked at Kinetics Asset Management where he managed their hedge funds. Paul impact at Kinetics was evident as the company increased their assets from $6 billion to over $25 billion. Paul also participated in the most famous investment competition; Templeton investment competition. Mampilly was able to increase $50 million to over $88 million through investments within a year, and that made him win the competition.

Mampilly left Wall Street after 20 years and launched Profits Unlimited to help amateur investors as well as those entrepreneurs who want to grow their portfolios. On the newsletter, Paul gives detailed and well-researched stock information. Paul picks one or two stocks that are profitable and provides information on when to invest. He also provides monthly briefings and provides trade alerts to his customers. Paul ensures his subscribers are up to date when it comes to newest stocks in the market.

Mampilly invests in companies with high potential. He invested in Sarepta Therapeutics and Netflix companies which had great potential, and he got significant returns for the investment after a short period. Paul Mampilly is confident that technology and detecting market disruptions can give insights to investors. In technology companies developing electric cars have high potential to grow and people can start investing in the companies. Paul Mampilly encourages main street American to invest in high potential companies to get significant returns. When a company grows, its shares increase in value which is very good for stock investors.

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John Goullet is a Reputable Expert and Investor in the IT industry

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John Goullet, the current chairman and senior manager of Diversant LLC, has a deep-rooted history in the information technology sector. From the early 80s stretching all the way to early 90s, he served in several positions in different companies within the industry. At the start of his career, he worked as an IT consultant and […]

Investment Strategy Advice You Can Actually Use

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Passive index funds will outperform active hedge funds over an extended period, according to famed investor Warren Buffett, and Capital Group CEO Timothy Armour agrees. However, in a commentary article for CNBC Investing, Armour indicates that the key to successful investing has less to do with the distinction between active and passive, and more to […]