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Betsy DeVos’ Commitment To Philanthropy In The Education Sector Is Inspiring

Posted by Wiscy on May 31, 2017 with 1 Comment

Betsy Devos stands out as one of the best Secretary to Cabinet pick of the Trump administration. Her experience in the education sector has seen her champion policies that seek to improve education in America. Betsy is one of the top leaders of the American Federation for Children (AFC). AFC is one of the leading schools that is in line with the quest to correct America’s faulty education system. The school offers flexibility to students regarding what they would want to pursue that is in line with their career preference. Over the years, Betsy has enabled millions of children to enroll in schools of their choice.

One of the weaknesses of the existing system in the educational sector is that it limits children to schools that are situated within their ZIP codes. Many at times, the nearest school to your home does not meet your educational needs. Through Kids Hope USA, Betsy Devos has been on the frontline in nurturing and mentoring elementary students across the United States.

Betsy DeVos has achieved a lot in the sector of philanthropy together with her husband, Dick DeVos. The couple has been on the front line in helping many schools reach their objectives. One notable contribution the couple has made in the educational sector is setting up West Michigan Aviation Academy. This institution is a publicly chartered aviation college. The aviation college was inspired by Dick DeVos’ passion in aviation.

Other than being vocal in the education sector, Betsy DeVos is a force in the American politics. Her career in the policy sector dates back to three decades ago when she was a student at Calvin College. In 1976, Betsy made a bold move to volunteer in the campaign team of President Gerald R. Ford. She gained a lot of experience in resource and grassroots mobilization. Betsy has had a lot of contribution in the Republican Political Party. Betsy has steered political action committees, party programs and campaigns in the Republican Party. For half a decade, Betsy DeVos was part of the Republican National Committee.

Betsy’s resolve to be a member of the educational choice movement was informed by her personal experiences on what parents from the low-income bracket faced when seeking an education for their kids. She saw how the parents struggled to raise money for the tuition fee of their children. That is how her career in philanthropy was born. Betsy decided, to begin with offering support to a handful of kids. Today she helps a lot of children at the Potter’s House Christian School. Check this related article from

These experiences have shaped Betsy DeVos’ philosophy around the education of choice. As the Secretary for education in the Trump Government, Betsy is expected to champion policies that will bring equality in the American education sector. Visit to know more about their foundation.