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An Article On Oncotarget Posits That Vitamin C Could Be The Next Weapon Against Cancer

Posted by Wiscy on May 19, 2017 with 1 Comment

Oncotarget has published a paper from the University of Salford showing that Vitamin C is over ten times more effective in inhibiting the growth of cancer stem cells than many other standard pharmaceuticals such as 2-DG. The paper outlined the results of a study conducted by researchers on three natural substances, three experimental medicines, and one clinical drug. This is the first study that has shown Vitamin C’s potential in targeting and killing cancer stem cells, which are responsible for fueling fatal tumors.


Dr. Michael P. Lisanti posited that his team at the University of Salford had been looking at how cancer stem cells could be targeted by natural substances such as silibinin (milk thistle), CAPE (a honey-bee derivative), and Vitamin C. He went on to assert that from the research, the results from Vitamin C were the most promising. Dr. Lisanti is the professor of translational medicine at the renowned University of Salford.

This is because the chemical is cheap, non-toxic, and readily available. Its adoption in fighting cancer could significantly reduce the costs of therapies while saving lives.

Their resistance leads to failure of chemotherapy treatments among cancer patients. Often, this situation causes the recurrence of tumor and metastasis.

The research, which was conducted by the Salford team, hoped to look into the bioenergetics of cancer stem cells. They sought to understand the processes that allows stem cells to live and grow. They hoped to come up with a way of disrupting them. The research involved different substances: caffeic acid phenyl ester (CAPE), Silibinin, ascorbic acid, actinonin, FK866, and 2-DG. The most potent substances in the study were actinonin and FK866. Vitamin C’s potency is ten folds that of 2-DG

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