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The Advocates for Human Rights

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Unfortunately, we live in a world where human rights of all types cannot guard itself. Even though there are laws put in place to protect people, it still takes a third party to make sure they get used, to protect those who need it. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The silver lining here is that there are a number of non-profit organizations who specialize in helping people who become victimized. The following are examples of such organizations a person in need can contact for help.

The Advocates for Human Rights

This group is an international organization. However, they are not only concerned with global issues.

They also put aside resources to help people on a local and regional level as well. It is run mostly by volunteers and has been around for roughly 30 years. Their main goal is to help with children’s, women’s and immigrants rights.


Avaaz is another international human rights group started relatively recently in 2007. What makes Avaaz different from other human rights groups is that it is largely online based.

It has grown to become one of the largest organizations of its kind. Another fact that makes Avaaz interesting and different is that it does not accept donations from corporations or foundations. Larkin and Lacey only accept funds from individuals and never accept more than $5000 per donor. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter

This is a good thing because they are not beholden to the whims and fancies of companies or wealthy individuals. Currently, membership stands at over 45 million and it is still growing at breakneck speed. The main way they put the spotlight on issues is by starting petitions, lobbying, media campaigns and sending emails.

Amazon Watch

As the name indicates, this group focusses on the Amazon region. However, they are based in San Francisco, and they collaborate with local groups in the Amazon basin working for the rights of indigenous people.

This may include anything from preventing large corporations from encroaching on their ancestral land to helping preserve their way of life. The group was founded when oil companies began running pipelines with impunity in certain areas of the Amazon Basin.

Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey and the Frontera Fund

Jim and Michael are the founders of the Phoenix New Times and they founded a non-profit organization called the Frontera Fund to help fight immigrants’ rights around Arizona.

The way they found this Fund is an interesting and unique story. The money that was used came from a case settlement they had with the sheriff’s office.

The pair found themselves at the receiving end of mistreatment from the infamous sheriff, Joe Arpaio, when they published some articles questioning the sheriffs work methods in dealing with undocumented immigrants.

The sheriff retaliated by detaining Jim and Michael using highly questionable methods. This is when they sued the sheriff’s department and won the settlement, which they used to start the Frontera Fund.

Igor Cornelsen’s Advice for Investing in Brazil

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Since 2014, the entire world is looking towards Brazil whether it was Football World Cup or Olympic Games in 2016. Brazil’s economic climate is the center of attention nowadays. It is the world’s eighth largest economy due to agriculture production, natural resources, and growing middle class.

However, it requires the right economic policies and people are expecting a lot from the Finance Minister Joaquin Levy. Despite some problems, Brazil is a great attraction for foreign investors. It is the largest country in South America with a population of two-hundred million people.

It is a top food supplier of the world and has countless natural resources. According to top Brazilian banker Igor Cornelsen, the country has lots of opportunities for the investors. He gave three tips which could help foreign investors. Read more: Igor Cornelsen fala sobre os bancos brasileiros e o que fazer antes de investor

The first thing is to connect with the natives. Networking and relationships make a huge difference. The second thing is to be prepared for the red tape. The third thing is to be aware of foreign currency restrictions.

Igor Cornelsen is a retired Brazilian banker and investor. He is considered the biggest expert of foreign exchange and commodity investment. Currently, he is involved in the stock market investment of Bainbridge Group.

Igor Cornelsen rose to fame due to his contribution in the banking sector of Brazil. He has worked as the head of country’s biggest banks where he was dealing with the major percentage of nation’s gross economy.

Nowadays, he lives in South Florida where he loves to play golf after his retirement. Florida has the best and biggest golf course in the entire world, and Igor Cornelsen is deeply involved in investment markets from there. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

Both investment organizations and banking industry hire him as a consultant from time to time. He has a vast experience of working in several financial institutions during his career.

The reason why Igor Cornelsen chose Bainbridge Group Inc. for his work in the stock market is that the firm is an expert of investing in foreign exchange and commodities. According to him, the company is trustworthy for insight and expert advice on investment. Igor Cornelson is considered one of the best experts in the volatile stock market.

Andrew Rocklage – Highly Successful Entrepreneur in Boston

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Andrew Rocklage is a well-known personality in the business circle of Boston and is popular for being the owner of the indoor trampoline park by the name of Sky Zone Trampoline Park. It is a highly advanced and innovative indoor trampoline park, the like of which are very few in the country. Andrew Rocklage is […]

Hussain Sajwani – A Smart Businessman and a Passionate Philanthropist

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The real estate market across the globe has undergone a massive transformation in the past couple of decades. The purchasing capacity of the people has increased, and their requirements have exceeded as well. It has called for the real estate developers to develop properties that are highly luxurious and sophisticated, and fitted with a host […]

Copa Star Provides New iPads to Each Patient

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Patients who are admitted to Copa Star hospital are able to get exactly what they need from the hospital thanks to the new iPads that each patient gets as soon as they are admitted. They can use these iPads to help them pass the time, do simple functions in their room, call for a nurse […]

Troy McQuagge: An Individual Working for a Middle Class

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When we talk about the health insurance and an individual who is an authority in this sector, Troy McQuagge is the name that comes to our mind. Tony is an entrepreneur and corporate executive who were from the most beautiful city in Florida, Panama. He took his primary education from one of the best institutes […]

Executive Chairman Mike Baur Announces Swiss Start Up Factory’s New Advisory Board

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Independent Accelerator, Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF) started a mission three years ago, to recruit talented young entrepreneurs to participate in its Startup Accelerator Program. In 2016, SSUF received over 1,500 applications and selected ten applicants to participate in its program that began in February through October. Mike Baur, Executive Chairman and Co-founder said in […]