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Brian Bonar is a Maven in the Financial World

Posted by Wiscy on June 5, 2017 with No Comments

Brian Bonar is a businessman and entrepreneur. His educational background includes studying Mechanical Engineering at James Watt Technical College, earning an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, a Masters degree from Stafford University and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from Staffordshire University. After founding several business enterprises, Bonar has become a business consultant.

One of Bonar’s first employment opportunities was with IBM. He took on the role of procurement manager and was the outsourcing agent for motherboards for the personal computers developed and sold by the company. Following his time at IBM, Bonar found other opportunities at QMS as the Director of Engineering where he was the manager for about 100 software and hardware development engineers.

As a business consultant, Bonar brings to the table lead generation, process improvement, marketing strategy and the development of innovative sales. He has also become the guru of mergers and acquisitions, finding venture capital and new business development.

In mid-1989, Brian Bonar found another employment opportunity at Rastek and took on the position of Vice President Sales and Marketing for printing technology. Following his time at Rastek, Bonar became the Sales Manager at Adaptec. He worked with Japanese and Korean companies that designed and manufactured printers. Bonar decided to open up shop on his own and established Bezier Systems. His company was the first develop and market an SCSI based printer.

Bonar currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept. At Dalrada he has taken charge of management and sales techniques and develops unique and individual solutions.

The company offers its clients a wide selection of employee products which helps to enhance business efficiency. For the Trucept Company, Bonar oversees the insurance services and various products. He is also the manager of temporary staffing and Professional Employer Organizations (PEO).

His wide range of education, more than 30 years of experience and accrued skills has made him a very talented financial individual. He possesses a wide variety of abilities such as due diligence, new business development, turn-around management, marketing techniques, employee relations, business strategy and venture capital.

He is not afraid to take on new roles within a company and works with the same focus and tenacity in everything he takes on.

His approach to his work is only equaled for the passion he has for his family and hobbies. He loves recreational activities such as boating and golf and has been known to take part in a softball game or two. Spending time with his family is also high on the top of his list and finds it important to recharge his batteries occasionally refresh his perspective on life, as well as work.