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Securus Technologies Stands Firm Against GTL Claims

Posted by Wiscy on January 20, 2017 with 1 Comment

The business world is a challenging world that provides the opportunity for many amazing benefits. The companies that compete for sales and market share engage in a daily battle against other companies trying to achieve the same thing. In the business world where raw numbers easily determines success and failure, things can become very heated between companies that compete on a regular basis.


Disagreements between companies are common in the business world. The way the disagreements are handled is very important. It is always best for companies to resolve issues quietly behind closed doors. Preventing the public from becoming involved in the disagreement is best for both companies. Public information regarding companies usually is not good for either company.


Recently a disagreement between Securus Technologies and GTL became public because GTL sent out a press release that provided the thoughts of GTL on the situation. The disagreement concerned technology patent rights between the two companies. Both companies felt that the patent issue was the fault of the other company. When GTL sent out the press release regarding the disagreement, GTL made numerous claims against Securus Technologies related to the technology patent rights disagreement.


The press release by Securus Technologies was done in a professional manner. The press release stated Securus Technologies’ side of the situation and listed reasons why the claims made by GTL were not valid.


I think that the press release sent out by Securus Technologies to defend itself was something that the company had to do based on the situation.


Securus Technologies  is a well respected technology company that provides an array of products and services to numerous markets that includes the correction market.



Jason Hope Envisions A Bright Future

Posted by Wiscy on January 10, 2017 with 1 Comment

Jason Hope was born and raised in Arizona. It is the state where he was able to receive his education and where he operates his business. Filled with optimism for the future, Hope is strongly involved in the tech industry as an entrepreneur. He’s involved in variety of fields, but nothing catches his eye quite like the Internet of Things. According to Hope, IoT will create a revolution in the way we live our lives.

The Internet Of Things Changes Us

The Internet of Things, the collecting and sharing of data between various objects, is the current talk of the town. The television you watch, the refrigerator in your kitchen, and the lights in your house are just a few examples of the things that will change thanks to IoT technology. Outside of the home, IoT will prove just as amazing such as self driving cars or “smart” offices that automate much of our work. Essentially, Jason Hope believes that IoT will have a world of convenience and comfort. As we live easier lives, the only thing left is make our lives longer.

The Cure For Aging

The Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence Institute, or the SENS Institute, has attracted the interest of Jason Hope. The institute was created to find ways to stop, reverse, and eventually end aging altogether. In our modern society, most of us believe aging is simply a natural part of life. We are born, we grow up, we live, and finally we slowing lose our functionality. However, the SENS Institute believes this view is false. We have the ability to live without the aging process. Their research involves everything from finding ways to preserve telomere length to engineering pharmaceuticals to combat the aging process.

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Philanthropy And Helping Hands

Outside of his investments, Jason Hope has demonstrated great warmth and generosity. The most important areas of philanthropy for Hope are Alzheimer’s Disease and heart disease. Today, most doctors look at these diseases after they occur and find ways to treat them then. Hope wants to see a world where these diseases are handled before they can even cause any damage. Scientific research is at the center of everything he does in life.

For more information, connect with Jason Hope on Facebook or Twitter.

5 Thinks You Need to Know About Cotemar Petroleum

Posted by Wiscy on January 6, 2017 with 1 Comment

Who is Cotemar?
Cotemar is a petroleum services company in Mexico that is a major supplier of services to the energy sector. The company was founded in 1979, providing accommodation and catering services for offshore rigs. They also purchased specialized vessels, allowing them to provide services in diving, maintenance and personnel transportation for the offshore rigs on Today, they also provide firefighting vessels, tugs and barges, vessels for transporting abrasive materials, and oil extraction vessels.

What is The Structure of Cotemar?
Cotemar offers services through 3 major services it has maintained since its inception.

* Construction, modernization, maintenance , and engineering
* Supplying specialty maritime Vessels
* Accomodation and catering services for workers on offshore rigs

What are The Services of Cotemar?
Today Cotemar provides a multitude of services to the offshore drilling sector, including:

* Offshore oil field development
* Maintenance and construction services
* Maritime support operations
* Catering and accomodations
* Transport of personnel and equipment with specialized vessels

How Does Cotemar Provide Their Services?
Cotemar uses special semi-submersible rigs on that are agile, mobile, and have the ability to be precisely positioned.

Cotemar’s Objectives on Each Operation
The main objectives of Cotemar at in an operation are:

* Installing material in place and on time, with budget. The customer must be satisfied with their work.
* Integrate their services with customer’s business practices to reduce costs
* Create value in their procedures and equiment by providing quality work within budget
* Comply with all environmental laws

Doe Deere and Her Unicorn Queens by Lime Crime

Posted by Wiscy on January 2, 2017 with 1 Comment

What is the newest trend today? Is it bright colored hair or is it dancing unicorns? What if it’s both? What if you could be both? Would you be interested in the newest trend today? What about the bright colored hair with the bright colored makeup? Would you be interested in the makeup? Well if […]