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Empowering Women and Children

Posted by Wiscy on November 28, 2016 with 1 Comment

Malini Saban is a philanthropist and chairman of her company Saban and currently resides in New York, New York. Saban is a top world investor from South Africa that made her fortune off of technology companies, oil, gas and real estate globally. Saban made smart investments in the 1990’s making her one of the richest women in the United States. In 2001 she started Stree a non profit organization. Saban helps at risk women and children across the world with her many social causes for vulnerable populations. Saban’s mission in life and in her work is to make an impact on women and children on the future. Saban is a proud mother of her daughter and drives her everyday to change the future for her and others like her. By providing women and children with safe environments, healthcare and learning opportunities is goal of the foundation, Stree.


The foundation’s philosophy is summarized by the opportunity to change the future and forget about changing the past. The website offers a story exchange where women share business ideas positive stories of accomplishments and failures. The stories and interviews of thousands of women from all ages and races focused on learning from each other. Saban is positive role model and is highlighted to offer hope and dreams for women and give them encouragement. Good things happen with a tremendous amount of work, time and drive for all types of people. The website is a collective effort of many people with the intention of creating a positive environment for others to express themselves. Malini Saba is a great ambassador for women and children through her foundation and other charitable contributions.


Another message to take away from the website and Saban is that there is and movement of thousands of women is that together we can empower each other to succeed to support ourselves independently financially. With role models like Saban, women and children have more opportunities for the future to increase their personal and professional wealth.


Don Ressler Proves that There is Life After MySpace

Posted by Wiscy on November 25, 2016 with 1 Comment

Many teenagers that are using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram may have never even heard of MySpace. This was the real pioneer for social media, but there is a chance that many young people today are completely unaware of the existence of this company. It was a major shift in the way that people were able to communicate. Don Ressler was a part of this early start to social media.

When MySpace was purchased for around $500 million there were some fans that initially thought that something new and exciting would be done to improve the website. The MySpace concept would eventually be overshadowed by Facebook. People like Don Ressler, along with his business partner Adam Goldenberg, would move along. He would become the type of person that would move into a totally new area of online retail. Ressler would start Intelligent Beauty, and this would present consumers with the ability to buy both healthcare products and clothing. Many customers that shop JustFab may not have never heard of Intelligent Beauty, but this is actually the parent company to JustFab. Intelligent Beauty is what began it all for Ressler. This company would grow quickly and move to produce as much as $500 million in revenues. As time progressed there would be even more opportunities for people to see how Don Ressler survived after MySpace.

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One thing that he realized is that there was more that could be done even outside of his realm of social media. JustFab on, for example, has become so big that it is valued at a billion dollars.  This is one of those websites that has ton of clothing options for women that want to work out. This is another online clothing concept of Don Ressler that is linked to subscription services just like JustFab. That is the amazing thing about these companies. They have become popular over the years because there has been so much talk about the concept of subscription services. This gives people that chance to get new clothes delivered to their homes without wasting time shopping each month. This is the unique idea that Don Ressler has brought forth to save people time.


Norka Martinez Luque Taking Latin Music to a New Level

Posted by Wiscy on November 11, 2016 with 1 Comment

Latino musicians are among the best musicians in the music world. Artists such as Shakira, Estefan and Santana are legends in the mainstream as well as the Latino music community. Their breakthrough came as a result of dedication, determination, and hard work. Not all Latino artists have an impact in the mainstream music scene. Some of them are only famous in Latin America. A good example is the legendary Juan Gabriel. His work was widely celebrated in the Latino music industry but was isolated in the United States.


Breaking into the mainstream music community is a challenge to most Latino artists. However, a few make it. A newcomer who is crossing over into the mainstream pop music scene is Norka Martinez Luque. Her first album became very successful in the United States as well as in different Latin American nations such as Puerto Rico and Venezuela.


In 2014, Ms. Martinez was recognized in the prestigious Premio Lo Nuestro Awards. The Lo Nuestro is a Spanish-language awards show featuring famous Latino musicians, actors, and show business stars. The first single off Norka Luque’s album was “As You Do It.” This amazing song was written by Archie Pena, an internationally acclaimed lyricist, arranger, and composer.


Her second single titled “Miracle” followed shortly. This track was a game changer. It gave Ms. Martinez the fame she is currently enjoying. “Miracle” was a massive hit in the United States as well as in several Latin American nations. It was crafted by Emilio Estefan and other key personalities in the Latino music industry. Some of these individuals include Luigi Giraldo, Archie Peña, and Gaitan Brothers. Her latest track is “Tomorrowland.” It was produced by FitoBlanko. This dance song has also proven to be a hit.


NorkaLuque’s early life

Although Ms. Martinez calls Miami her homeland, she was not born there. She was born in Caracas. Her birth date is February 7th, 1986. After completing high school, she moved to France to pursue higher education. She attended a French business school for four years as she learned Business Administration. She also learned about other subjects including marketing, fashion, and culinary arts. Additionally, Ms. Martinez learned a great deal about the French music industry after joining the band, Bad Moon Rising.



Norka Luque dreamt of becoming a successful business woman. This is the reason she studied Business Administration in the first place. She landed a job in the banking career of Monaco. Unfortunately, she did not stay in the job for long.