Patty Rocklage’s Awesomeness as a Psychotherapist

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Patty Rocklage is a marriage and family psychotherapist. She has been in this industry for the last 20 years. She has devoted herself to helping different families and couples who are struggling with various difficulties in life. Patty Rocklage is from Sudbury, Massachusetts. She successfully graduated from the University of Southern California.

Apart from being a psychotherapist, Patty also coaches young people and takes part in team building and public speaking. She was joined by her husband Scott Rocklage to work on the growth of Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT).

The two devoted themselves in offering funds to the reconstruction of nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab. The department of chemistry recognized the hard work of Patty and her husband.

They were guided around by Lester Wolfe who is the professor of Chemistry and Moungi Bawandeni who handled the development of the lab. Patty Rocklage together with her husband, are continuing to work on the renovation of their place. Learn more about Patty Rocklage:  and

The people and company that are helping them are Ed Freedlender and The Sudbury Companies, however, they did not know how good these two were. Ed Freedlender is well-known for having good creations when it comes to reconstructions as well as being cheap while the Sudbury Company is good in possession, saving time and energy.

They are working on reconstructing the front facade and the kitchen. Patty Rocklage was now well informed by Freedlander on how best they are going to renovate her place. Before renovation Patty Rocklage and Scott had a go-ahead from the town conservation commission since it is a requirement. First of all, Freedlender worked on the driveway as well as the trees.

The makeover was great thanks to the two experts, Patty Rocklage and Scott Rocklage were happy with the results. The important parts that they were working specifically the front façade and the kitchen had a great finish.

Patty appreciated and recommended their excellent job to other people who needed reconstruction. In a nutshell, Patty as a psychotherapist has always loved her job because she gets the chance to help couples and families get through their hard times.

Hussain Sajwani – A Smart Businessman and a Passionate Philanthropist

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The real estate market across the globe has undergone a massive transformation in the past couple of decades. The purchasing capacity of the people has increased, and their requirements have exceeded as well. It has called for the real estate developers to develop properties that are highly luxurious and sophisticated, and fitted with a host of modern amenities. Hussain Sajwani is one of the pioneers in the field of real estate development and is a well-known name in the real estate market of the United Arab Emirates.


Hussain Sajwani’s real estate firm called Damac Properties is among the biggest real estate companies in the Middle East and has its headquarters in Dubai. The company has been known for providing customers with a wide variety of luxurious and modern commercial and residential properties. Damac Properties started its operations in the year 2002, and through the hard work and effort put in by Hussain Sajwani and his team of brilliant architects, engineers, and the entire workforce consisting of thousands of employees, Damac Properties is now among the top most global real estate developers in the world. Damac Properties has its operations in many other places as well apart from UAE, including at Beirut, Riyadh, Oman, Jeddah, South Africa, Lebanon, United States, United Kingdom, Qatar, and more.


Damac owner is constantly looking for new ways to expand the operational territory of Damac Properties and collaborate with local and international real estate developers. Hussain Sajwani has known the present United States President Donald Trump for long. Their respective companies, Damac Properties, and Trump Organizations, has worked on some realty projects in the past and continues to collaborate on various projects at the moment, including the Golf Course cum residential complex in Dubai. One of the golf courses being developed under their partnership is designed by the legendary golf player, Tiger Woods. Hussain Sajwani family has known the relatives of Donald Trump for many years now, and are known to share a friendly relationship. Hussain Sajwani is also involved in many philanthropic efforts, and recently announced the donation of AED 2 Million to provide clothing to poor and needy children across the globe.


Follow the Damac owner on twitter @hussainsajwani.


Boraie Development: New Jersey’s Best Real Estate Company

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According to the news by Philly Purge, New Jersey is among the few places that hold the best development organizations. These organizations deal with both construction and development in the field of real estate. It has been developing rapidly over more than twenty years. Some of the top organizations include Development Company and Boraie Development Company.

Boraie Development happens to be among the best mainly because it uses capital from private sources as their main source for providing funds for its diverse projects. For instance, most of their projects conducted are commercial banks and their capital sources. Boraie Development LLC is a private firm based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It is known for its capability to attract and mobilize skilled contractors, architectures, and financial firms with integrity and a goal of completing their tasks in the projects without fail. This is evident through the punctuality of the members during meetings and gatherings. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for the details.

The firm also aims to provide quality services by developing, managing, and marketing the properties to attract tenants, partners, and residents for a long term period. Also, its commitment is to develop every project by use of missions, visions, capitalism, and reliability. Marketing helps the company in filling of the continuous order demands of their properties. These features consist of hostels, hotel assets, restaurants, retail, and residential facilities. For more info click

Boraie Development is considered the leading development firm for contract jobs with a commitment which is long term. Through management, Boraie can increase the value of its assets because of its adequate and efficient level of management. It has sales of more than 150 million dollars in both residential and commercial transactions. Mr. Sam Boraie holds the title of the First President of Boraie Development. He is working towards completing his four-decade vision. The son, Wasseem Boraie, holds the Vice President’s title of the development company.

The Boraie building was constructed from the year 1992 to 2007 which surprised everyone since it sold out in less than two months considering the venue of its creation. The building gave the society hope and soon enough attracted to-be clients. Being located in downtown, it improved the living standards of the people by bringing wealth back into the town. It continues to be a fully trusted company by clienteles and partners for its great management skills that make it an integrated development company. Under Omar Boraie’s leadership, the company is set to thrive more in the market.

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Doe Deere Shares Insider Information on Routine

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Doe Deere is usually someone who is relatively private about her personal life. While she does enjoy talking about her brand and she likes to show off the looks that she creates, it is not often that she gives information about her own life away freely. For this reason, her recent interview on the routine that she has in the mornings is special and is something that she is comfortable with. It is also something that she can do very easily because of all of the options that are given to her. She knows that having a business is important but she also knows that keeping herself in the best possible condition is the best way for her to be able to run her business. When she does this, it gives her a better chance at being successful and at trying new things for the company so that it will be able to consistently grow.


As a morning person, Doe Deere knows that she needs to spend her mornings preparing for the day and using the creativity that she knows she has. She also wants to make sure that she can do everything possible so that she will be able to get more out of the experiences that she has. She tries to come up with ideas for new products and new options in her makeup line. The morning is also a time for Doe Deere to be able to contemplate everything that she is going to do through the day and to plan it out ahead of time.


When Doe Deere first started Lime Crime, she did it because she knew that she had a need for a bright and bold makeup line. She also knew that other people had similar needs so she tried to design makeup that would suit their own needs. Doe Deere wanted to create makeup that was not boring. She did that with Lime Crime. From electric blue lipstick to neon pink eyeshadow, Lime Crime has something that most people don’t expect to see in makeup – bold colors. There are very few browns and beiges in the Lime Crime lineup.


Doe Deere uses her morning routine in combination with everything that she has done with Lime Crime to make things easier on herself. She wants to see her business succeed and wants to make sure that things are going to work out for the people who are doing different things. Lime Crime has come a long way in the time that Doe Deere has been running it and she attributes that to the fact that she is always prepared for the day. She spends her mornings getting herself prepared both mentally and physically.


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Brian Torchin Committed To Excellence

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Since his days of undergraduate studies, earning his pre-med bachelor of science at the University of Delaware, Brian Torchin has committed himself to professional excellence.

After earning his undergraduate degree, Torchin secured his Doctor of Chiropractic at the New York Chiropractic College in 1995. Torchin became board certified and licensed to practice chiropractic medicine and opened a clinic outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

While spending years in his chiropractic practice, Torchin discovered the difficulty of staffing in the medical and legal professions. The problem was twofold; employers had a difficult time filling positions with quality highly skilled individuals who were seeking long term employment; on the other hand, potential employees experience problems finding gainful employment in medical and legal fields.

According to Glassdoor, instead of giving up on the staffing problems in his chosen field, Brian Torchin created a way to solve the problem. As a result, Torchin created Health Care Recruitment Counselors.

When he founded Health Care Recruitment Counselors, also known as HCRC Staffing, Torchin revolutionized employment in the health care and legal industries. Now doctors, nurses, therapists, lawyers, paralegals, and their respective office support teams can quickly be united with hospitals and offices needing their expertise.

By carefully interviewing both prospective employers and job seeking professionals, HCRC successfully identifies clients that match well with each other. HCRC has sizeable databases to search for appropriate pairings. Throughout professional circles as well as social media, Brian Torchin’s brainchild is called both a saving grace and a godsend.

HCRC Staffing operates in all 50 States as well as in Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe. Because of Brian Torchin’s foresight and determination to solve a worldwide problem, the lives of employers and employees in medical and legal fields are measurably better.

Dr. Andy Manganaro of Life Line Screening and the Medical Tests They Provide

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Dr. Andy Manganaro is the CMO and National Medical Director of Life Line Screening. Dr. Manganaro received his M.D. from New York University School of Medicine as a University Scholar, He studied biology and philosphy. Dr. Manganaro served his residency at New York University/Bellevue Hospital Medical Center He also completed his chief residency at the University of Rochester in vascular and cardiothoracic surgery. He then received his board certification in Thoracic Surgery. Dr. Andy had a 35 year long carreer in a private practice that specialized in cardiac, thoracic, and vascular surgery. AFter retiring from his private practice Dr. Andy Manganaro became employed as the Chief Medical Officer at Life Line Screening and more information click here.


Life Line Screening tests for vascular and vascular associated diseases in the United States. Life Line has one of the largest data bases in the world. They have screened over eight million people, this has given vital necessary information for physician reviewed journal articles. As the Chief Meidcal Officer, Dr. Manganaro supervises his appointed board certified physicians who perform ultrasound reviews. He oversees quality assurance and research efforts. Dr. Manganaro also overviews Life Lines marketing for clinical correctness and Lifeline Screening’s lacrosse camp.


Life Line goes beyond the yearly check up by providing a risk algorithm. This Algorithm considers a patients suitability for screening testing people who are asymptomatic but who are at risk for cardiovascular disease. Many General practicioners and vascularists are suggesting preventative screenings. Life Line screenings perform ultrasounds of the carotid arteries and abdominal aorta. Screenings also measure the ankle brachial index. This screening can indicate peripheral vascular disease. Life Line also tests for osteoporosis and EKG screening as well as blood tests related to cardiovascular and other abnormalities. Life Line uses advanced technology in their screenings. Dr. Andy Manganaro hopes that more people will maintain a healthy life style with preventative health screenings and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

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Super Law Man Jeremy Goldstein

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There is a new incredibly easy to use service that lawyers and those needing legal help have been utilizing for years. 35 years as a matter of fact. Only now the service is more convenient than ever because it now includes an online portal instead of just the telephone number that it operated from in years past. The New York State Bar Association has teamed up with to bring clients and lawyers an online portable to make their lawyer matching services more accessible. Before any lawyers are made available for matching and consultation the New York State Bar Association makes sure each lawyer is in good legal standing.


As said before, the technology is very easy to use. All that needs to be done is for a client to fill out an online form which is then reviewed by the New York State Bar Association and then forwarded to the matching lawyer who provides the services needs by the clients. Referrals are free and there only is ever any charge in the customer decides to go forth with the services of the lawyer. That price depends solely on what that lawyer charges as standard. The service has been great in helping lawyers drive more business to their practice in turn growing it. It has also been great for people with legal needs to more accessibly find the legal help specific to their situation.


Jeremy Goldstein founded his own law firm named Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. His firm does many things such as corporate governance guidance and business acquisition practices. Jeremey Goldstein also serves as a partner in his own company.


Jeremy Goldstein has had a lot of schooling. He has a J.D. from a school of Law. He also received a M.S. while studying in Chicago. And he has a B.A. from Cornell.


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If You’re Wondering About What Securus Technologies Is, Please Don’t Hesitate To Continue Reading

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The program of communications that has been designed by the developers of Securus Technologies is one that is very difficult for anyone to compare their particular products/programs of communications with. It is a form of communication that is allowing both inmates who are confined in correctional facilities to contact visitors via methods of video conferencing in which the visitor(s) are not even required to visit the physical location of the correctional facility where the inmate that they’re striving to communicate with is confined in.


Securus Technologies is not only a program that’s allowing inmates to effectively and efficiently communicate with their visitors, it’s also one that is providing a vast array of benefits to the communities that surround the correctional facilities. It’s offering such benefits by acting as a deterrent of crimes, as law enforcement officials can now utilize the chat segments that are conducted between the inmates of the correctional facilities and their visitors as forms of evidence for investigative proceedings in court should it be necessary. Due to such capabilities, Securus Technologies is essentially acting as a deterrent of crimes by making inmates aware that there is a monitoring aspect of a communications platform that is one of the most convenient forms of networking for them. Those who may prefer engaging in criminal activities within the premises of correctional facilities may find that it is becoming more difficult to maintain their stance on such decisions, as the Securus Technologies program is one that is essentially allowing other inmate to potentially talk about what is occurring in the different cells. If any conversations pertaining to them are spoken about, it’s highly possible investigations will occur in court. Please be ready to speak with a help desk representative, as they’re more than willing to guide and assist along one’s process of utilizing this wonderfully designed program.


Brian Bonar is a Maven in the Financial World

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Brian Bonar is a businessman and entrepreneur. His educational background includes studying Mechanical Engineering at James Watt Technical College, earning an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, a Masters degree from Stafford University and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from Staffordshire University. After founding several business enterprises, Bonar has become a business consultant.

One of Bonar’s first employment opportunities was with IBM. He took on the role of procurement manager and was the outsourcing agent for motherboards for the personal computers developed and sold by the company. Following his time at IBM, Bonar found other opportunities at QMS as the Director of Engineering where he was the manager for about 100 software and hardware development engineers.

As a business consultant, Bonar brings to the table lead generation, process improvement, marketing strategy and the development of innovative sales. He has also become the guru of mergers and acquisitions, finding venture capital and new business development.

In mid-1989, Brian Bonar found another employment opportunity at Rastek and took on the position of Vice President Sales and Marketing for printing technology. Following his time at Rastek, Bonar became the Sales Manager at Adaptec. He worked with Japanese and Korean companies that designed and manufactured printers. Bonar decided to open up shop on his own and established Bezier Systems. His company was the first develop and market an SCSI based printer.

Bonar currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept. At Dalrada he has taken charge of management and sales techniques and develops unique and individual solutions.

The company offers its clients a wide selection of employee products which helps to enhance business efficiency. For the Trucept Company, Bonar oversees the insurance services and various products. He is also the manager of temporary staffing and Professional Employer Organizations (PEO).

His wide range of education, more than 30 years of experience and accrued skills has made him a very talented financial individual. He possesses a wide variety of abilities such as due diligence, new business development, turn-around management, marketing techniques, employee relations, business strategy and venture capital.

He is not afraid to take on new roles within a company and works with the same focus and tenacity in everything he takes on.

His approach to his work is only equaled for the passion he has for his family and hobbies. He loves recreational activities such as boating and golf and has been known to take part in a softball game or two. Spending time with his family is also high on the top of his list and finds it important to recharge his batteries occasionally refresh his perspective on life, as well as work.


Avi Weisfogel is Key Figure in Fund Drives for Operation Smile

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Avi Weisfogel is perhaps best known as the New Jersey dentists who has invented a completely new mode of treatment for the deadly disease sleep apnea. Through his unique organization, Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel has completely revolutionized the treatment of this fatal illness, saving the lives of thousands of patients and drastically reducing the morbidity mortality suffered across the United States from this scourge upon the public health.


He has also created one of the most successful dental practices in Central New Jersey. Old Bridge Dental was founded in the early 2000’s, shortly after Dr. Avi Weisfogel had gotten an M.D. in the dental sciences from the New York University School of Dentistry. Over the course of 10 years, Dr. Weisfogel grew the practice from a tiny startup of just a few patients to one of the most sought-after dental offices in all of the state of New Jersey.


But many people are unaware of Dr. Weisfogel’s role with various charities throughout the country. He has long had an intense interest in helping the children throughout the third world, who are disadvantaged and unable to access crucial medical care. One of the problems that Dr. Weisfogel has focused on, being a dentist and expert in the treatment of diseases of the head neck and mouth area, are the widespread problems of cleft lip and cleft palate. To this end, Dr. Weisfogel has joined forces with Operation Smile, one of the largest organizations in the United States that is dedicated solely to the correction of cleft lip and cleft palate in disadvantaged children across the globe and learn more about Avi Weisfogel.


Dr. Weisfogel has personally emceed a large number of fund drives for Operation Smile, being personally responsible for having raised millions of dollars in service of the organization’s strategic goals. This has touched the lives of tens of thousands of children, enabling them to live normal lives where they certainly would have otherwise been condemned to a short and brutal life of mockery and medical problems and more information click here.


It is almost a miracle in itself that Dr. Weisfogel finds time throughout his busy schedule to dedicate to these noble causes. But he is always humble, stating that he does nothing that anyone else in his position would not likewise do and Avi on Facebook.


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